Life is amazing it is what it

Life is Wonderful Live it

It is very simple and easy to find what we want that is hard to believe. We were created to do things the hard way and the hard way, to get what we want. We do not believe that there is anything we can do but work hard, sweat and tears, obstacles, grief.

This is nothing but an old hard system, a situation from our childhood. If you are like me, you were attacked as a child by comments from adults about how difficult life is and how we must fight to get something. We are sent to a dangerous place or to a God of vengeance who can choose us without a reason to take revenge on those who have wronged us. We had to avoid getting worse or worse, but we could still get sick. Sometimes they even say: It’s also a good person to plan, and the bad one goes as easily as usual without paying anything !. We have learned that life is not fair. We lived in fear and thought that life is a valley of tears, fear, struggle, pain, disease, and death?

What if they tell us the truth? Truth, nothing but the truth? That life is simple, wonderful. Those miracles happen all the time and that we have the power to make them happen in our lives! That the universe loves us. That there is wealth and health for everyone. That we do not live in a place of famine but live in abundance. That we should put the right thoughts in our heads to make these dreams come true for us.
What would your life be like if your parents and teachers taught you the truth?

You will suffer terribly! You would not believe that you are nothing. You would not be filled with fear in your ears of sickness or failure, foolishness or inadequacy.

If you knew in the beginning that you are the Creator, that you will always exist, that you will always exist, and that you were created for a reason, and that when you find this reason you will be happy, what would your life look like now? If you were told that you have talents, unique qualities, that make you a special person, and that you are on earth with the task of giving these talents to others, where would you be now and what would you do now?

Not good? The Genius who created all of this is doing very well: we have been sent into the world by work and we are able to take our work. We are already fully armed from the beginning: we have been given natural talents and all we have to do is develop our talents and give them the world! Simply put, we have to do what we can easily and with our talent, and there is joy, satisfaction, love, money and everything we want comes to us!

That’s great, the idea! All we have to do is do what we love! And then we need to stop once so that we all think we are not worthy of happiness or wealth or life. All of these ideas are wrong because they conflict with the principles of space design.

We are already amazing! It’s already popular! We are already rich! We are already free! We are already smart! We are already healthy!

Why? Because we were all like that before we started our lives. That’s exactly the way we are. That’s the way we were created, we were born. This is true for us. Everything else is read after that.

The good news is that anything that can be read cannot be read. All programs can be changed and replaced with a new system.

Also, life is amazing, because positive thinking is 10,000 times more powerful than negative thoughts. So you don’t need to take another 40 years to fix a bad situation in your head. One positive thought may estimate 10,000 negative ones.

Can you imagine? Are we unlucky?

If you choose to do so, you can quickly turn your bad system into a headache. Go to the bookstore, buy some thought-provoking books, put them in every bathroom, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in your living room, and read them whenever you think of or see them. It doesn’t matter if you read one page after another or just open a book as it falls into your hands. The message you receive will work for you right away.

Every morning you start your day by thanking the Universe for your bed, your house, the roof over your head, the people living with you, the water coming out of your tap, the light opening with a simple touch, the food available, the decisions you can make that day, the love you have found in your life and the love you will find, the miracles that will take place today and the breath that you can breathe.

In your car, listen to CDs or cassettes with good programs. Listen to them while you make dinner, clean the house or iron your clothes.

Surround yourself with the right people and stop feeding negative social conversations. Don’t watch television unless it’s a really good program.

There is too much you can do to make your life better. Do not think that you have no choice. You are responsible for your own health now. Make your choice! Realize that all the thoughts you have are the ones that will weaken you or the ones that will make you feel stronger.

The choice is yours!

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