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The life of the modern, urban world of cell phones, laptop computers, and other modern gadgets is not just hectic but very impersonal. We make money and our time and effort are put into it to make even more money. It will all end up there, isn’t it? As a rule, is not because we are never satisfied. How many times have we ourselves are convinced that if we had more money, life would be so much fun? But then, after a significant increase, we know that it is too small, and we need more? 

What should I do? 

I have read a lot of books about the life of Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Says”, “The priest says,” and they all seem to be saying that the money is not needed. But that’s not true. Is it possible to make money, at least in large quantities? I know that I can’t do it. 

So, I went to a nearby teacher and asked for advice that would help me to find the right path in life. 

The teacher nodded and led me over to the window. “What are you looking at?” “What’s the matter?” he asked me. 

“I see, I see the people walking to and fro, and into the top left-hand corner, a blind man’s begging for a handout.” 

The teacher nodded and led me to a full-length mirror. “Now look and tell me what you’re seeing.” 

“I see, I see for myself,” he said. 

The rabbi smiled. “You can’t see anyone right now. A mirror and a window made out of the same raw materials of glass, but one of them is coated with a thin layer of silver, and if you look at it, you can see your own reflection.” 

The rabbi put his hand on my shoulder. The comparison of these two pieces of glass. Without the silver layer, the other people saw this and felt pity for them. When you are covered with silver, and all we see is you.” 

I looked down at the rabbi, and his. “I just don’t get it.” 

The master continued: – you can only gain when you have the courage to remove the silver-blindfold from your eyes in order to see it, and that of others.” He patted me on the back and sent me home. 

I thought about his words, and I came to the conclusion that he was telling the truth. YES. We need money to do it, and we do not need to try to get to a penniless existence, it makes no sense, and will only have to do with us and our family a lot of heartache in the future. 

Instead, I suggest that you take the teacher’s advice. When we look at the approach to the service life of the silver shell, we can see for ourselves. However, the drop veil, and you will be able to see and feel all of the others. 

In life, we have the right to and should be allowed to look at both mirrors, but it is important to remember that the mirror is reflecting our windows for the doors to compassion, health, and true wealth. In other words, the pursuit of wealth, all of it, no matter what’s going on, but don’t let it get away from you, of life, of people, of children, of the poor and the needy.

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