How To Write An Article In Less Than 20 Minutes,

How to write an article in less than 20 minutes,

Friends, if you want to write essays fast, read this article.

Being able to write essays is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money as a writer.

I have been writing articles online since 2005. Prior to that, I spent years working as a freelance writer writing articles and short stories for magazines.

But when I got online, I set up my niche websites and wrote articles for them, and did a little self-employment.

And along the way, I discovered the importance of being able to write essays quickly. Not only did I need to write them quickly, but I also needed to write good essays.

At first, I looked around and tried a few different writing lessons to find out how I did it. But none of them were particularly helpful.

So I finally figured out my plan for how to write articles quickly and fill them with useful content.

And next is a brief look at how I do it.

My essays usually have 3 sections: Opening, 3 points I want to combine, and closing. How these 3 sections are written:

Say what I will say.

Say it.

Say what I said.

So the opening is usually a statement of what I will be writing about, followed by three points I want to put together, and then wrap it all up close which usually includes a link to the product or book I am selling.

I also researched immediately. If I don’t have all the information I need to write my article and research it online. For this, I allow only 2 minutes. Longer than this leads to unnecessary web crashes, but if I only have two minutes I don’t have time to spend or guess a second.

Finally comes the processing and editing and for this, I allow only 5 minutes. Again, lack of time keeps me focused because I don’t have time to waste. Literally not the moment left.

And that’s it.

I do my research in a few minutes which is a lot of time to help me find what I want. And I can do it very quickly because I already have 3 booked places where I do my research so I can find them quickly and navigate them easily because I have visited them many times before.

I write my essays quickly because once I have done the research, I know what points I will be writing because I have already found the information I need. And if I write about something I don’t need to research, then I already have my 3 points to put together.

Then the confirmation and editing are done quickly again. I can write quickly and read quickly and use the automatic fix on my computer to help me.

I also find that most of the articles I write are faster and better.

And once I have written one article, I plan to turn it into 7 different essays so that I don’t have to waste time because I don’t have to write another article right away. I just have to make changes to what I have written.

Working in this way really helps me earn more money with my writing, and I also know how to make money in the arts in 10 different ways.

So when I write one article, add it to 7 articles and make money in 10 different ways … you don’t do the math.

But one thing I do know is that when it comes to jotting, speed is important. And so is having a simple composition writing program

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