How To Use Three Steps For a Brand New Life?

3 Steps for a Brand New Life

Let me give you three steps to start a life change. That can change your life, your personality, your lifestyle, everything can change.
Here are the steps.
Number one
Find out how Things work
The first key to doing better is to find out. To change your life really you need ideas
There isn’t anything an idea can’t change. And Schoaff taught me the major problem is lack of an idea, not a problem.
At first, I didn’t have any money. I said to Mr. Shoaff I don’t have any money
He said that’s not a problem. Now see you up until then I always thought it was.
I was confused!
He said: No no the problem is lack of an idea on how to create money and wealth, it isn’t lack of money
It’s a lack of ideas. So if you get the idea, you can change anything. Now to get ideas
You need a constant study of finding out
Now Shoaff also said when you find out something that works put the information in your journal
Don’t use your head for a filing cabinet.
Put it in your journal so that you can do the next best thing.
Repetition, repetition, repetition. Go over it.
And If you repeat it go over it sure enough some days some mysterious day
The idea takes root, starts to grow, and shows up in your bank account, and your dress, and your personality, and your lifestyle.
But capture the ideas in your journal. Find out how things work.
Shoaff gave me this word for my life change. He said study!
Great word.
If you wish to be successful, study success.
If you wish to be happy, study happiness. If you wish to be wealthy, study wealth.
Don’t leave it to chance.
Make it a study!
Some people just go through the day with their fingers crossed
See that won’t do it.
You’ve got to study the things that can change your economic, social, spiritual, and personal life.
Now here’s a qualifying phrase and we’ll have several of these qualifying phrases throughout the seminar.
Here’s the first one. You may not be able to do all you find out.
I understand that. You may not be able to do all you find out, but you should find out all you can do.
See you don’t want to wind up at the end of your life and discover that you’ve lived the only 1/10th of it and the other
9/10th went down the drain.
Not for lack of opportunity. For lack of information.
So that’s number one. Find out how things work.
Now here’s the best human virtue for finding out: Curiosity. Make a note of that. Curiosity! Be curious.
You might add a word to it that’ll help. Childish curiosity!
What will kids do if they want to know something bad enough?
Bug you. That’s the phrase.
They can ask a thousand questions. You think they’re through, they’ve got another thousand. They’ll drive you to the brink.
It’s a virtue.
When you get to know them.
Be like a child.
In fact, Jesus the master teacher said, unless you can become like little children you might as well forget it if you don’t have a prayer.
Excellent advice. You’ve got to be like children. Four ways in my opinion to be like a child. Number one is curiosity. Number two is excitement
Get excited like a child over your ability to make yourself do anything for a change.
The third is faith. Have faith like a child, adults are too
and Fourth is trust. Trust is a childish virtue, but the rewards are incredible. Now. Here’s the second step to personal development.
Okay, number one was to find out how things work. Here’s Number Two. Go to work.
You must now take action on what you found out.
In doing business around the world we call it a game plan. Put together your game plan.
One of the major things we teach at the weekend seminars. Game plans. How to game plan your office. If you’re in sales you need
a game plan. Kids need a game plan. You need a home game plan. Social game plan. A business game plan.
Everybody needs game plans. Financial independence game plan. Your investment game plan.
Don’t think in your head, put it on paper. Don’t operate out of your mind, operate from paper.
I often ask somebody. What are you gonna do for the next six months?
and somebody starts to tell me I say no
don’t tell me, show me. Show me your game plan for the next six months.
Then I can look at things and maybe I can help. But you got to operate from paper. Put it on a game plan
Take action on what you found out.
Now here’s the best word I know of to go with the action, massive!
See that’ll change everything.
Massive action is called the cure-all. if you’re gonna make calls, make a few thousand.
If you’re gonna make contacts, make a few thousand.
If you’re gonna knock on doors knock on a few thousand. See that’ll change everything.
Here’s the language of the poor. I’ll try at a time or two and see what happens. It’s the way poor people talk.
Does the guy say well, I’ll give it 30 days. 30 days? You could guess his bank balance.
You’ve got to have a better game plan.
So here’s one of the major things to do starting tomorrow. Take a look at your game plan.
If it isn’t loaded with massive action, change it.
The formula really works like this. Pick up a good idea, take heavy action. Pick up a couple of good ideas, take heavy action.
That’s the formula for sex, success. Heavy action
It’s a good thing we can edit all this. right?
The formula for success.
Take heavy action on a good idea.
Right, that’s the ratio. Now. Here’s the key, don’t wait till you’ve learned two or three thousand things.
Because that way you’ll use up all the time. And you could wind up smart and broke.
And hey, it’s okay to be dumb and broke.
But if a guy’s smart and broke, that’s pitiful
Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. You’ll become a fool.
Let your learning lead to action, you can become wealthy.
And there are many kinds of wealth, I understand that. Not just money, money is one of the least of all values.
I know some people with a lot of money that is very poor.
Evita sings, as for fortune and as for fame
They are illusions. They’re not the solutions they promised to be.
So there are all kinds of wealth, but to get a big share coming your way you’ve got to have a heavy action game plan.
Now here’s the third step to personal development, and we’ll wrap up personal development.
Step number three. It’s just a little caution and all through life we need little cautions.
This one simply says
Don’t try to beat the system.
Find out how it works, work it, but don’t try to beat it.
Some people learn just enough to start slicing it, shading it, thinning it, cutting corners, and looking for cheap answers.
See don’t fall for that. You’ll wind up with a cheap life.
Find out how it works best and do it that way.
Even though it seems to take a little longer, do it right, don’t compromise with the right.
Now under this step here’s another key. Be a quick learner.
Don’t let it take long to teach you. Learn quicker. One guy said he broke his nose seven times in the same place.
Somebody says, looks like you’d stay out of that place.
Learn quicker.
Now the third point here is, don’t be stubborn.
See, some people won’t change even when a better way comes. They say well, I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years.
Hey, be ready for change if there’s a better way. Go for it.
But don’t try to beat it.
Or you’ll be like the guy that went to Las Vegas. He didn’t have much money.
So he didn’t want to risk his money gambling.
But he gets to Las Vegas and the jackpot bells are ringing, the money’s flowing.
The lights are flashing. And he can’t help himself.
He’s got the gamble, but instead of gambling with his cash
He decides to play the mental gambling game. And the brilliant scheme he worked out goes like this:
He’d pick a number like a number three
Mentally he would bet a certain amount of money on the number. And whether it won or lost
He would jot down that amount in his little pad.
I would have won five dollars if I would have made that bet. Just to keep track of it, win or lose.
That way come midnight, he can calculate how he’s doing, win or lose it, how much. Only not his money, keep his money
Just play this mental gambling game. So here he is around the gambling table. Everybody else shells not their hard-earned cash
He’s got this brilliant scheme. Instead of betting with his money, he’s betting with his mind and he lost his mind.
This means don’t try to beat the system, I guess.

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