How to Stop Spam Calls

How  to stop spam calls

How  to Stop Spam Calls

Friends if you want to stop spam calls read this article,┬áIf you have a cell phone, you are receiving spam calls. And you probably get them daily. In fact, there were 50 billion robocalls in the US in 2021, so it’s no wonder you’re getting up to five or more a day. But there are ways to stop them. At least for a while. And these methods, while not foolproof, will prevent you from putting your phone in a pot and hitting it with a spoon. You know, the classic way to annoy robocalls and spammers. Smartphones include a feature that can assist in filtering these calls.

However, there is no guarantee that it will stop them completely. 

One thing about these spam calls is that their callers are constantly adapting to new technologies and new numbers.

You may receive spam calls and you may also receive spam texts and spam emails. As our communication methods have shifted to be more text-based than email, scammers have found a way to send you a text message and demand that you give them money or your Amazon account will be blocked or you will have to tell someone to call to get gift cards, or you have to click on a link because you’re in trouble with the IRS. Yes, these are all real scams that people, unfortunately, fall for.

You can either download blocking to stop your spam and robocalls, or you can go into your phone settings and do a little trick that can limit them to at least a small percentage of the time. However, for this, it will be useful and even necessary to download an app like Truecaller or Hiya.

Block spam calls on iPhone:

Installing software like Truecaller is required. Go to Settings/Phone/Call blocking and identification/toggle all four settings after installation and configuration. Enable spam detection in the Truecaller app by opening it. Your spam calls won’t be immediately blocked by this.

But the Truecaller app will check the phone number against the spam database. While it won’t automatically block calls, Truecaller will check a phone number against a database if it’s fraudulent.

Block spam calls on Android

While iPhone users sometimes turn their noses up at Android or any other non-iPhone mobile phone, Android reigns supreme here. Spam calls can be blocked using something already built into Android. The app doesn’t even need to be downloaded! You launch the app, go to Google Dial, click the three dots in the upper right corner, select Settings, Caller ID, and Spam, and then turn on spam call screening. Then, calls that might be scams will be blocked.

Google dialer is an app that you can download for Google Voice. So just download the app to stop spam calls.

Samsung user? No worries! You can still block spam calls. Open Samsung dialing/settings and enable spam and spam call blocking. Samsung will prompt you to choose one of two options. Users can choose to block a high-risk scam call or they can block all fake calls in the menu.

Since you’re probably tired of spam calls and texts telling you something about your AT&T account (even if you don’t have AT&T), you probably block all calls.

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