How To Stop Access Your Phone Remotely

How can you make sure no one can access your phone remotely

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Once our phones and PCs were connected, our digital lives became more productive and accessible. They have also become very dangerous as cyber criminals can now do double the damage to your devices. Fortunately, this guide will teach you how to stop hackers from accessing your phone.

Reaching a distance is a very important factor that can make your life easier. But it also comes with a few major risks of cybersecurity, as cybercriminals can take your phone remotely if you are not careful.

Let’s manage your security settings and prevent these scary situations from happening. Here’s what you need to know to protect your phone from hackers.Hot to stop access your phone remotely.

Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication)

Two-factor authentication is your best protection against unwanted users who gain access to your phone. This also prevents theft of information if your phone is lost or stolen. Follow these steps to stop cyber criminals from accessing your phone.

In your Google Account

On your PC, go to your Google Account page and select the Security tab on the left side of the screen.

Find 2-step verification in the centre of the page and click on Closed.

Tap the Get Started blue button on the 2-step verification screen.

Make sure you have a secure connection, then sign in to your Google account and continue.

Enter phone number and click Next at the bottom of the page.

Your phone will go to the authentication screen itself, or you will receive a text message from Google with a security code. Enter the code or verify your device to continue.

Finally, the last note is simply to tap the big blue button on Open 2FA. Then you’re done.

On your iPhone / iPad

Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap [your name] and then Password and Security.

Tap Open Two-Step Verification, then Continue.

Apple will let you know that you have entered the phone number you want to receive verification codes.

You will receive a default text or call with a verification code. Enter it to verify your number and account.

You may also need to enter your Apple ID security questions when navigating through this menu.

Disconnect unknown devices from your account to stop cyber criminals from accessing your phone

If you leave old devices connected to your Google or Cloud account, 2FA could be in debt. Most devices have access to your account information and, if in the wrong hands, can be used to hack your account.

Many of us change our phones every few years and never go back to wipe the old device. Sometimes cyber criminals can access your account with older devices (rare, but possible).

In your Google Account

On your PC, go to your Google Account page and find the Security tab on the left side of the screen.

Scroll down to Your Devices section and select Manage All Devices.

You will see all the devices currently linked to your Google Account.

If you do not know the device or know that an older, older phone is no longer in use, click on it.

Click Exit to remove access to your Google Account from the device.

You can also click Do Not See This Device ?, then click Exit Device. In this case, you will be asked to change your password as an additional security measure.

In your iCloud account

Go to the iCloud website and sign in to your account.

You may be asked to enter a verification code sent to your iPhone.

Under your account details, click Find My Phone.

Click All Devices at the top of the screen to see a list of devices connected to your iCloud account.

Then, click on the device you want to remove.

Click Delete Account and follow the information to confirm your decision.

Fix your password and make it unique

Common passwords are children’s names, important dates and other memorable events. People who are not even close to you can find this, thanks to the publicly available information anyone can access online.

If you want to stop cyber criminals from accessing your phone, you need to create strong and unique passwords for all of your accounts.

Use these best practices and change your passwords and make your life more secure:

Write down an absurd password that contains different numbers, letters and cases. Spend one minute each day trying to remember it. Once you have memorised it, use it as a password. Be sure to keep your note somewhere safe in case you forget.

Add symbols to your password. You may have noticed that many sites now require special characters when creating a password. Adding exclamations and symbols and a punctuation mark greatly enhances the security of your password.

Create one long password by throwing small fixes. If you can remember the 12-letter password, you can add editors at the end, so you can have different passwords for every account you use. You do not want to use the same password on multiple accounts.

You can simplify this process with a password manager.

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