How To Start An Online Business And Get Free Traffic,

Start an Online Business: How to Get a Free Stream of Free Traffic!

How to Start online business

I hear people constantly asking, “How does an internet business get started?”

In this article, you will learn about:

1-Different types of traffic.

2-Why some traffic sources are better than others.

3-How can you make sure you attract as much FREE traffic as possible.

4-Sources of traffic that you should avoid as a disease.

The first thing you need to understand as you begin your online journey is that the internet is about information. When you do a search, let’s say for the growth of tomatoes, it’s not a mistake that the search engine results page is primarily about growing tomatoes, not cucumbers, or for sale to farmers.

This is exactly the same as any other search term. This association of search terms with a leading website that responds to search terms has made some people richer.

There are many sources of traffic:

Solo ads are ads in which you pay people to put your ad on their mailing list. The traffic you receive can be lukewarm.

Pinterest pins are free or you can pay for promotional ads. This crowd is very focused.

Facebook ads are really cheap, but you really need to know what you are doing to get your ads.

Google Ads are small ads that you see on various websites. They are expensive and often bring in heat to buy traffic.

There are a few other sources of traffic, but in this discussion, I will focus on FREE search engine traffic.

There is more than 1 reason to understand what search engines want when you test your website to send you natural (free) traffic. They have many terms to judge the site.

How many pages does it have in various aspects of the main theme of the site?

How long does the average visitor stay on-site? (The longer they stay, the more useful information they should be getting so the higher quality your site should have).

How many incoming links are to your site?

The fact that some sites link to your site often means that they view your site as an equal or authoritative domain in your subject. This is pure gold for you

Does your site sell anonymous (perhaps harmful content) or do you provide quality links like Amazon or eBay?

They obviously have hundreds of things to look for, but they are hidden in search engine algorithms.

Traffic sources that should be avoided are those that provide tons of traffic for nothing. These tend to have really low-quality traffic and you have a good chance of search engines blocking your site. This is bad news.

Some sites offer content-spinning software to create content for your site faster. This should be avoided like Ebola because they take a simple piece of text and “twist it” in many different ways. You end up with a bad text. Search engines can sniff a mouse and advertise your site as a bad place to send free or paid traffic.

Search engines are all about the quality of the content on your site.

They even judge you when you buy cars. If your site has a low page rank, it will charge you more for the traffic they send you than for your site to rank high for its content.

How to start an online business? Always remember what your visitor wants.

A good example of this was a man who had a very good site for anxiety attacks. He wrote an excellent eBook on the subject, but no one bought it. Its main theme was how to deal with anxiety attacks.

In desperation, he did some research on his guests. You found out that what they were looking for was NO cure for anxiety, but “DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?”

He has rewritten the eBook to satisfy the real need of his guests and his eBook is now selling fast.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your site. Make sure you attract traffic that directly demands what you offer.

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