How To Propose Her Like A Gentleman,

Create A Memorable Moment For You, 

There is a moment in life when all of us, men, must take a big step and ask a question; proposal in marriage. This should be a memorable and fun experience so you should make it perfect. If you decide to ask a great question to your partner, you should know from the beginning how you are doing this well and create a memorable moment for both of you.

This is an important time in our lives and we include many preparations. Before making a suggestion make sure this is something you both want; so talk to her about getting married but not showing your plans. The proposal itself should still surprise us, so find a moment and a way that you won’t suspect it. You should choose the right engagement ring, the right style for her, and for this, you can ask for help from her mother or her best friend, but if the bride wants to be a part of the buying process or designing her engagement ring I should ask her opinion first. Also, you should know the right time to act, he should be relieved because if he passes a bad time in his life everything is tense.

The best suggestion is based on knowing what makes her happy. If it’s a romantic affair, your suggestion should take this account; if he likes to be close, you will have to choose a place that is reserved for both of you; if he likes bright light then the more public suggestion would be perfect and if he has some interest in life, you can try something unusual and amazing. Women love the real thing.

Knowing your partner’s type you can choose the right way and place to make a proposal. Here are some helpful tips to help you:-

Everyone knows the traditional proposal that still applies; the man kneels on one knee and pulls out a box with a ring before asking him to spend the rest of his life next to it

-if he wants to be the center of attention he organizes an amazing party with all his friends and family; decorate the area with white balloons and paper wedding rings; when he walks in the door he kneels on one knee and does his thing

if she has a hopeless love try to spell it with rose petals, or do it in one of her favorite places

-if it is the kind of game you can ask him from the tops of the mountain after a day of the hail; and during a parachute jump or diving session

If he loves basketball and attends all the games, the biggest surprise will be to see on the big screen from the stadium your wedding proposal; it is an act of love that you pass on to others in public

-as well as Valentine’s Day a good opportunity to ask him out; on this special day you are expecting to receive flowers and chocolates so you will definitely be surprised if you go there with a ring and a proposal at the wedding

-If you are a shy person and do not want to ask him directly, make him a video; try making your own video that you suggest and watch the tape together

-If you know you are listening to the radio at a certain time every day, dedication will work with the charms with him, but it is better to call him when the big question is asked

-writing in the sky is a wonderful declaration of love; plane fly banner; do it on a clear day and plan an outdoor romantic day and you will be pleasantly surprised

-beaches ready for proposal; naked in the sea, and kissed by the sun, that’s the basis of the marriage proposal that will be the experience, and the experience; get to the beach first and build a sandcastle to illustrate your goals

-after a limousine is also a good choice; hire a limo for a few hours and direct the driver to take you to the last two places you have been purposeful in your relationship; have a bottle of champagne too

These are only a few suggestions you can choose from but there are a lot more. Pick up a memorable place, song, or occasion such as where you first met or first kissed. Be creative, incorporate your personality and make this a special moment. Focus on the moment and on her; think about what you will say to her and express your proposal with love and sincerity. The focus should be on her and the special moment you’ll be sharing. Do tell her why you want to marry her, tell her why she is the one for you, what marriage means to you and what hopes for the future are. If her answer is ”yes”, announce and celebrate your engagement, but if she needs time to think about it, be a gentleman and respect her.

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