How to Overcome Shame and Gain Confidence

6 Ways to Overcome Shame and Gain Confidence

Are you shy? Do you have trouble dealing with people or situations? After that, I brought you good news. You do not have to be ashamed and you do not have to feel insecure and afraid to be judged for every step you take.

An embarrassing victory over the battle is possible, but it is well worth the effort as the result increases self-confidence and confidence. Wake up feeling good about yourself, be able to face the world with confidence and security, and know that no feeling of shame can get in your way of fulfilling your desires.

There are hundreds of books written on the subject of how to overcome shyness and gain self-confidence, but there are a few strategies that one can work on. Here are 6 tips on how to overcome your shyness:

1. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, get in front of a mirror and say out loud, “I feel scared! I feel scared! I feel scared! ”Repeat this assurance with enthusiasm at least ten times daily until it is firmly rooted in your unconscious mind. I feel a little self-conscious, at first, locked myself in the bathroom. The results will surprise you.

2. Feel good about yourself. Look very good. Wear it often. This gives you a sense of confidence and confidence. Just knowing that you look good will enhance your self-confidence and will convince others that there are things you need to know.

3. Take the risk at least once a day. It builds up and overcomes fear by taking risks helps you to grow in confidence and self-confidence. Start with small risks and fears and as you overcome them move on to bigger things. There is nothing you can do. Be assured that change can only help you to grow, and boost your self-confidence.

4. If you are engaging in a personal conversation, or with a large group of people, let them know you are shy. This prevents them from reading you wrongly and is more likely to invite you into the conversation than to leave you just listening and wishing you could contribute.

Many people, including me, find it difficult to follow a conversation in a noisy room. If you have a problem, say so and move it so you can hear. People respect honesty and risk and you will attract honest people into your life as a result.

5. Rejection of the reality of life that everyone faces. It is rare for you to be rejected. If you are rejected, for example, when you ask someone for a date, remember that everyone has different likes and dislikes. You can be attracted to one person and not to others. It’s the same with other people and you’re probably not their type. That does not demean you in any way. Accept this and know that it will pass. Never take it personally and keep in mind that when people reject you it is because of their likes and dislikes and not because of who you are. You have the equal right to reject others out of love and dislike.

6. Engage in activities that make you feel good and comfortable about yourself or start a fun game that gives you a sense of relaxation. This can be anything from a garden to Tai Chi to Karate. Take some lessons, learn or master a musical instrument or take singing lessons. Do something exciting and risky. Exploring things that make you feel good is a good remedy for embarrassment.

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