How to Overcome Procrastination,

How You Can Better Understand Your Postponement With Last Test Tips,

How to Overcome Procrastination

I have known this for a long time and remember that I am at the top of the list. But lately, I’ve been surprised by breaking my own record. I’ve been stuck for months.

Problem – Able to Spread and Transform

At first, my problem was that I was often discouraged as I went from getting an idea to planning, and eventually, I ended up in a murder phase. But there was always some juice left at the time of the murder. And now, it seems I know better from the moment I get the new idea that I will not really work for it.

Last year, I planned to start a YouTube channel to start sharing my ideas on video. I thought it would be an effective and interesting way to publish information and would move quickly from ‘idea’ to ‘practice’. But the process of learning to shoot with skill and photo editing took time. So I decided to work on a different type of YouTube channel just for the purpose of learning to shoot and edit. And that is how the Lives Unhyped survived.

It wasn’t good but it was a good read to start with. And I realized that I was already far ahead of most of the old YouTube channels in terms of video and editing quality. But the best part was – I met YouTube channels for professional photographers, filmmakers, and editors. Therefore, it was not in vain.

What Made It Worse?

The second wave of COVID in India stopped everything as I became infected. I could not edit the video we shot in April of ’21. In addition, our future guests began to have second thoughts about the shooting during the epidemic. But at the time, I thought I had a good reason not to go further and to take the vacation that I so desperately needed.

The real problem began after that. I don’t know if it was one of the side effects of COVID or my recurring habit of procrastination, but that break did nothing to rejuvenate me. As time went on, I began to realize that my habit of procrastinating and procrastinating was getting worse.

And then I saw …

Then came a time of awareness that made things worse than they really were. I realized I had started writing this blog to use as a journal. I remember attending a visible meeting with the developers in Addthis. They were in the early stages of introducing a publisher program like Google AdSense. One of the guys asked what the purpose of my blog was, and I said I intended to use it as a magazine.

Today when I look at my blog, I realize that it has gone from being a journal to a lifestyle and news website to an obsolete webpage. And the author has not even written a name for about a year. It makes me feel guilty and ashamed. I never let the busyness of my life interfere with my hobbies. And writing has always been a great pleasure for me.

And Finally – The Solution!

After meditating on things for millions of hours, I try to figure out how to deal with this loop of time in my quantum space, finally being able to make sense of things. And the point is – my postponement is like my best friend. It’s okay to have it when I feel down and want to take a break. But I’m having sex with that person even when I have to focus on the more important things. And all of this turns out to be a guilty plea.

This is not the kind of friend you can tell to get up and work because that is exactly what you should be doing. This is the friend you need to have just to be happy.

And the lesson is – I’m done enjoying a good night with this ‘happy friend’. And now that the case of negligence makes me feel sad, it is best to stop seeing this friend for a while. So back off my dear, I know you have no limits. Let’s take a break from each other before our good relationships turn to poison and ruin each other.

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