How To Make Money With Your Own Blog,

 10 Verified Ways To Make Money With Your Blog,

How To Make Money With Your Own Blog
How To Make Money With Your Own Blog

Most people have blogs but do not know how to make money from them. This is because they do not realize how they can create the attention and attractiveness of potential customers to support their blogs. A well-organized and well-managed blog can give you freedom and control over your financial future. By successfully following the promises of certain blogs and following the ‘how to do’ manuals, you can truly smile all the way to the bank. On that note.

In the next discussion, we will look at 10 proven ways to monetize your blog.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very useful tool designed with the publishers of blogs and websites in mind. Publishers of blogs will be paid by clicking on the Ads from their sites. Anyone who has created, and maintains their own blogs, can actually take advantage of this great opportunity. If you really know how to use the tool to your advantage, you can generate a lot of money.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliates are essentially a collaborative program that primarily involves an agreement between the advertiser (you) and the seller (Amazon). The advertiser is the affiliate marketer and is paid by the seller based on the agreement. More importantly, the Amazon associate will receive a commission when an interested buyer clicks on a given link online and makes a purchase. If you are able to market as many product links as possible to your blog and sell other Amazon products then you are likely to make good money on your blog.

3. eBooks

EBooks are basically books in soft copy format and can be downloaded via the Internet. There are several ways in which eBooks can be built. You can hire authors, write for yourself or use public-domain content. There are always plenty of buyers ready to buy your eBooks, no matter where you focus. With your blog, you can actually sell your eBooks and earn money or you can choose to sell other eBooks writers and they will pay a commission.

4. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is often a traditional way of advertising where brand-sponsored videos and articles appear on social media as well as influential sites and publishers. When you sponsor content, there are usually many things you need to keep in mind as marketing. First, make the right time for your content, bind the content with your target audience, use high-quality content like images to add value to the content, and keep the tone relaxed and authentic. You can always find products sponsored by brands from big companies and advertise them on your blog and with that, you can really raise a huge amount of money.

5. Content Ads

This is a type of targeted advertising that incorporates ads from websites, such as content that is displayed on mobile devices. In short, in contextual ads, the system displays ads that are closely related to your site’s content depending on the targeted keyword. With content ads, you are usually paid for each click number. If you can find a significant number of contextual ads on your blog you can earn good money compared to the click-through value.

6. Banner Ads

This is an ad that appears on a web page in the form of a column, bar, or box. The main function of an ad is to promote the product or, more importantly, to get visitors from a hosted site to advertise on the advertiser’s website. The main function of an ad is to add traffic to your site and thus, you can close your marketing contract. The more traffic on your blog, the better. The movement of many vehicles means higher income.

7. Online courses

When you talk about online courses it is actually a form of marketing that you know. It could be your skill, or any other type of art, such as teaching people to play the guitar, baking bread, or using certain software. With your blog, you can sell your online courses very easily. The lesson can be learned by many people around the world who increase traffic to your website. With this, you can make more money on your blog.

8. Promote paid Webinar or live event

Promoting a paid webinar is actually about promoting a web conference, an online conference, or an online presentation. Live events are always beneficial for both attendees and presenters. Another consideration when it comes to promoting live events is the target audience. By promoting paid webinar events, you generate traffic to your blog and keep you paid for by your advertiser.

9. Paid To Write A Review

A lot of brands hire people to write reviews about them and their products. In addition, you should always be honest in proving both positive and negative reviews. Importantly, through some private forums, you can also find job posting reviews for different brands. This can make you a lot of money if you are consistent in your work.

10. Consulting Service

Consultation services basically refer to professional practices that provide expert advice within a particular field. There are many places you can specialize and offer advice regarding your blog. Making money through consulting services starts by developing your knowledge and skills. With your skills and knowledge, you can always earn money on the basis of each project. Use your blog to advertise your services and you will earn good money through consultation.


From the methods discussed above, it is undoubtedly obvious to see ways that will make good money with your blog. All you need to do is manage, maintain, and use the various opportunities to monetize your blog.

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