How To Make Money Streaming

How to Make Money Streaming – 6 Ways to Make Money on Your Video


In this article, we will see how you can make money with video streaming or in other words make money with your live video streaming.

Make money streaming

  1. Launch ads

Advertising is one of the surest ways to monetize your live video streaming. There are two types of video ads – In-Stream (In-video video ads) and In-Display (indirect video ads). Pre-video ads are called in-line video ads and indirect ads are what viewers see at the same time while watching the video.

Ads are a great way to monetize your video content, but they are deceptive. You need to play the ad, make the viewer click on it, and at the same time make sure the viewer does not get tired and leave your stream live. Also, big forums like Facebook and YouTube have different rules for streaming videos and playing ads.

When to play ads – the best time would be when a creator or live broadcaster wants to take a break. Time the ad right – don’t leave the viewer hanging in the middle of the sentence!

When you stream live on YouTube, you can play an ad at any time in your live video. However, try to let your audience know that there will be a break.

On Facebook, not all video broadcasters will be able to choose to take a break. Your Facebook page featuring live streaming has over 50,000 followers and over 300 viewers simultaneously in the final live video, you can take a break after 4 minutes.

Want to maximize revenue through your live video streaming, you need to build traffic to your website or Facebook page. If you have a high number of visitors, the number of viewers simultaneously increases, so the chances of converting ads are much higher, which translates into higher revenue.

  1. Subscriptions / Pay per view

Another way to monetize your videos is to get your audience to subscribe or pay for your video. You could offer tea, and give the audience a taste of what is to come. If viewers want to watch more, they need to subscribe to your page or pay for the video. Platforms of broadcasting such as Vimeo Live and IBM Cloud have built-in subscription features.

  1. Donations and Crowd Support

Donations are also an emerging part of the business model in some live-streaming platforms, including the platforms used to stream video game playback.” Many live broadcasters ask their fans for donations and give them tangible gifts.

Crowdfunding is another way to monetize your video stream. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and Patreon are just a few of the popular social media platforms. You need to create an account on these platforms, build your project, articulate your goals, and develop your project in other forums so that people can visit your project page and contribute to it.

  1. Collaborators

Setting up an affiliate program is a surefire way to make money with your video stream. However, it can take time to establish and give you the return you expect. The best part is that once you set it up, you can earn some money as your video becomes more popular.

You need to connect first with compatible forums like Amazon and Flipkart. You can create videos about products for sale in forums. If you have a technology-focused video stream, you can choose such products. For example, mobile – you can create a video about mobile features, troubleshooting tips, the best ways to customize a mobile phone, and much more. At the end of the video, direct the viewer to go to the product page at the destination. Every time a viewer clicks on your video and goes to a related site, you get a commission.

  1. Support

If your live streaming channel is popular, you can confidently talk to the biggest players in the market for deals and support. Brands fail to support the streaming of your video, you need to take the initiative and go to the right people. However, if you do that make sure you stay within your niche. Your video theme should be accompanied by a brand that supports you.

  1. Sell your products

Live videos are a great opportunity to sell out of ignorance. For many years, advertisers used this method to sell products and services to their audiences. However, you should keep in mind that unscrupulous marketers can only happen once you have built your trust in your viewers. Market research shows that a person is more likely to buy a product once someone in his or her social network has bought it. That’s why promoters play a big role in the promotion. You do not have to sell your product directly when streaming a live video. Use the product and talk casually about its features and where one can buy it and return to the main theme of your video. This may encourage viewers unknowingly to examine the product and purchase it.

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