How to Make Life Easy?

What are the things that everyone should know in time?

Happiness is the guest after peace. If there is no peace then there is no happiness. It is inevitable that there should be sorrow in life, but being happy depends on our will!

Never think of building your dream palace on other people’s property. Without the foundation of honesty and earning the right, the palace cannot stand for long. Only your righteous earnings last and give you happiness.

In childhood, parents leave their dreams behind and fulfill our dreams, without selfishness. When the cycle of time turns and it is the turn of the children, we also do not ask for their land and property, without keeping an eye on their pension copy. Make a copy that fulfills their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. As soon as one wish is fulfilled, think of fulfilling the next one.

“Age travels, dreams stay there!”

It is really a beautiful feeling to see the pride and happiness on the faces of our parents because of us.

Relationships with brothers and sisters are also for sharing happiness and sorrow, not for sharing property. After a time that piece of land or ornaments lying in the bank does not give happiness. Sharing sorrow and happiness with each other gives peace to the mind.

Learn and praise yourself better than you are. Avoid slandering everyone behind your back. Dogs also bark at the mouth and bark only in the wild, we humans should take a lesson from them.

Avoid bitter words. These words lead to great regrets later.

In life, the convoy of all kinds of feelings, sadness, hate, love, disappointment, goes on smoothly, without stopping. But our mood, our attitude is responsible for our happiness, learn to forgive, forget. Avoid comparison.

The boat of life is going on, now we have to go on the edge laughing in the journey, or weeping is on us.

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