How To Increase Your Performance,

Six Steps to Increasing Performance,

How To Increase Your Performance
How To Increase Your Performance

Friends follow the six steps to increase your performance;

How To Increase Your Performance, After the hiring of “Super Star”, many want to know; How can I increase their effectiveness and keep them longer? What a question.

Here are six (6) things you can do that will have a positive effect on both their duration and their performance.

1. Tell them what you expect

Many organizations rely on HR departments to create those “excellent” three-page job descriptions that end up in the back of the desk, collecting dust. Obviously, it is not the result you want. To get closer to that result, make the Job Description a short reference and a training tool no longer than one page. One Page Job Description must contain, among other things, at least three (3) measurable key outcomes and an equal number of measurable outcomes that can create real sound within the organization if achieved.

2. Share your expectations –

Have you ever said or heard someone say, “What should that guy/girl do?” Well, it always happens. It is important not only for the person being hired to know what to do, but it is also important for other team members to know what is expected of others. One way to do this is to post, a clear, one-page job description of all the important roles. What to expect everybody wants to know.

3. Show them that toilets are available –

Show young people employed in the area so that they are not intimidated by the start of everything. Please note that I did not refer to toilets as toilets or toilets. Why? You do not go to the bathroom to rest or to bathe. Call it “spade a spade.” Show them all the important places, such as the restaurant, where you go to eat or prepare food. I actually had a client who had a “playroom” where you could go and play piano, guitar, zither (not many of those), or just ping-pong.

4. Introduce yourself to the “Biggest.” –

Not everyone needs to know the CEO, but everyone needs to know the important people in their organization. You decide you introduce, and you tell them why that person or people are so important to their success. These are not just managers but people you talk to if you don’t get when your salary or the person you see getting the necessary tools to do your job.

5. Provide a mentor –

If your organization does not have a training program, it may be a good idea to consider one as this step means more to you and your job than anything else. It means a lot to you because you have shown the employee that you care about him and his goals and it means a lot to the employee for the same reason. The mentor should be someone within the organization who is a “safe haven” to go to so that they can suddenly become silent or gain valuable political knowledge or measurement skills against the needs.

6. Give them a coach –

From managers upwards, most will benefit from an outside coach. There is nothing more important to work and performance than Culture Fit and Self-Awareness and a third-party response. External company views and feedback loops are very important because of the difference in the viewing area. Those positions that are below the level of the Manager, may also benefit the coach but this should be the role of the Manager. Unfortunately, many managers are not trained to train so a few forums on this topic are often sufficient. Just remember, Training and Coaching are two different things. Both require a high level of trust, one more than the other.

Just six steps to add real value to your people and get them to tell your story.

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