How To Increase Your Creativity,

How to Develop an Art,

To increase intelligence, you need to do two things. 

First, you need to encourage it. Second, you need to train your brain. Get started on both of these things right now, and you can find great art today.

Promote art and you will develop ingenuity. This is true of many things you want to see in your life. Encouragement can do wonders. How to encourage creativity, though?

First, by paying attention. Your unconscious mind often gives you a lot of attention. When you ignore the creative aspects of your life, you tell your understanding that it doesn’t matter. If you pay close attention to when you are creating and look for opportunities to create, your unconscious mind will begin to supply you with other creative ideas. Seek it and you will find more.

Another way to encourage and increase creativity is to write down your ideas. Keep a “journal of ideas.” If you do this regularly, you will find that you often start to have a lot of ideas when you start writing. Such an idea may be obscure, but by writing it down, you may recall it, and your perceptive powers will work toward it.

You can encourage great creativity in you by putting creative ideas. If you are painting or writing, for example, try anything new. Even driving a different route to work to see if you can speed up can be helpful. The point is to make you think of working without its usual patterns.

Simply changing your location can encourage ingenuity. If you want more art in your love life, go up the mountain with your partner. When writing, try to sit on the ceiling to write. If you need new ideas for your business, take a notebook in the park and sit by the duck pond. Environmental change can take your brain out of it.

Art Training

If you want to significantly increase intelligence, develop mind-building habits. Look at the good comedian and you will see that he has trained his mind to look at the “different angle” in everyday things. You can also train your mind to do the same.

Guessing a challenge, for example, until it becomes a habit. Looking for ways to add customers to your store? Stop and say, “Do I really need more customers?” The question suggests other creative solutions, such as finding ways to make more money with existing customers, or ways to reduce costs. This can lead to a very profitable idea. Challenge thinking to increase the ingenuity of your solutions.

As you drive to work, randomly choose anything around you and ask how it can be connected to any problem you are working on. Riding in a helicopter can give you an idea of ​​how to track a car when you lend it to your children. The date palm can lead to the creation of new pharaoh umbrellas.

The above strategies are called “Assumption Challenged” and “Random Presentation,” and are two creative strategies to solve problems. There are many more. Train your brain to use these things, then give it a little encouragement, and you can increase your intelligence.

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