How To Improve Your IQ – Guaranteed

Tips To Improve Your IQ – Guaranteed!

What if I told you that in just six months from now your IQ would be 25 percent higher than it is today? And what if I told you that all you need to do is do some simple daily exercises that will make it happen? In fact, there is strong evidence that by doing this simple one activity, you can greatly increase your IQ – and make yourself smarter! So what is this simple, easy and fun way to exercise that will enhance your brain? This: Keep a journal or diary every day. Every day, or several times a day, write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper. Do it faithfully for one full year, and you will grow faster with intelligence – guaranteed.

Consider the following:

Researcher Catherine Cox studied the works of the 300 luminaries such as Isaac Newton, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson and found that they were all mandatory documents or diary keepers.

Research has found that only 1 percent of the world’s population regularly write magazines. The study also found that that percentage was probably always more profitable, and that they lived longer than the average of their time, location and time.

Thomas Edison has written 3 million pages of his notes, books and thoughts in hundreds of his magazines throughout his life.

The brilliant astronomer Steven Hawking contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease more than 30 years ago and was given only two years to live. Hawking is a crumpled lump of a person seated in an electric wheelchair. He cannot speak, write, or even convey more than a simple play. But 32 years after his illness, Hawking is considered one of the world’s greatest thinkers. He remarried a few years ago after a divorce, and shows no signs of slowing down with his contributions to cosmology and quantum relativity theory. Although unable to keep a journal physically, Hawking used computers and other electronic devices to constantly record not only new ideas and scientific theories, but also his in-house presentations.

As a young man, Albert Einstein married a young woman who sailed for a date. The day did not go very well. The lady was frustrated because Einstein didn’t say a word to her – but instead spent the whole day writing on a small piece of paper she was carrying.

Now here’s the great news: to get all the IQ building results every day, you don’t even need to write down anything related! This fact is reflected in the journal of one of the great 19th-century philosophers, the founder of England Thomas Faraday, a man highly regarded by Einstein himself.

Faraday filled thousands of notebooks with utter nonsense. Many have read Faraday’s magazines in the hope of finding the key to his brilliant mind. They are all confused. In Win Winger and Richard Poes’ book, The Einstein Factor, one researcher wrote:

(Faraday’s) Diaries have an annoying form of written ideas, repetitive and forgotten morass or used and disapproved terms, concepts, perceptions and tangible facts.

In fact, the best way to build your IQ seems to be holding a journal with you all day and writing down any random thoughts as they come from you. Now an added bonus: Keeping a daily journal of random thoughts will not only make you smarter, but it can also extend your life! Evidence of this comes from a fascinating study of a group of exotic nuns in Mankato, Minnesota.

The nuns are different because almost all of them live well in the past years of women’s deaths in Minnesota. Most of them are in good health at 90 years of age, and some are in their late teens or early 20’s. Few or none of them have ever suffered from mild dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. What do all the sisters have in common? That’s right – they’re all sharp magazine keepers. Keeping a journal is a requirement of their specific order. And yes, IQ surveys showed that they were all overweight. Of course, there were other changes in the sisters’ clean and hygienic lives that may have influenced their intelligence and longevity – but magazine keeping was one of the most important aspects of their lives. So you have it. Buy a notebook and carry it with you to your destination. Write down your random thoughts, think about what you are writing, and soon, you will be enjoying your new shiny IQ with great power!

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