How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone. When making calls, revealing your identity is the norm, but there are instances when you might need to keep your phone number hidden. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can easily conceal your number using one of three methods.

How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

1. Hide Your Number on Your Device

Both Android and iOS devices offer the option to hide your Caller ID, although some carriers might override this function, requiring you to directly block your number through them. The steps differ slightly depending on your device.

For iPhone:

Go to Settings.

Tap on Phone.

Select Show My Caller ID.

Toggle off the “Show My Caller ID” option.

For Android:

Open the Phone app and access the menu by tapping the top-right corner.

Scroll down and select Settings.

Choose Supplementary Services.

Look for Calls and Additional Settings.

Find the Show Your Caller ID option and set it to “Never” to block your caller information.

Note: The exact naming of settings may vary based on your Android device.

2. Use a Star Code to Block Your Number

This method has been in use for many years. Depending on your location, you can press *67 on your phone’s keypad before entering the desired phone number. The recipient will see your call as “Unknown Number” or “Unknown Caller.” This technique can also help determine if someone has blocked your number, as it bypasses the block and allows you to contact them.

However, in the United Kingdom or Ireland, type 141 before the phone number instead of *67.

How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

3. Hide Your Number Through Your Carrier

This method is more intricate, involving direct communication with your carrier. Carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile enable you to hide your number by contacting Customer Service and requesting activation of a blocking feature in their system. Be prepared to explain your reason for wanting to conceal your number.

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can hide your Caller ID and phone number by accessing the Block Services setting on the Verizon website or the MyVerizon app, available on both Android and iOS. If you prefer your number to be visible using this method, dial *82 before the desired phone number to force your Caller ID to appear.

Keep in mind that you can’t hide your number from everyone. Certain organizations, businesses, and emergency services will still be able to view your caller information. For enhanced anonymity, consider using calling apps like Google Voice or Burner to minimize the risk of your number being exposed.

How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

Conclusion: How to Hide Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

In situations where you need to maintain privacy or anonymity, hiding your phone number becomes a valuable tool. Both Android and iPhone devices offer methods to conceal your Caller ID, though carrier overrides may apply. You can follow the steps outlined above to control your caller information.

Using star codes, such as *67 (or 141 in the UK and Ireland), is a time-tested technique to prevent your number from being displayed on the recipient’s end. This method can also help you determine if someone has blocked your number.

For a more intricate approach, involving direct engagement with your carrier, you can reach out to Customer Service to activate a blocking feature in their system. Different carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon provide options to hide your caller information.

Remember, full anonymity might not always be attainable, as specific entities can still access your phone number and name. For those seeking comprehensive privacy, utilizing calling apps like Google Voice or Burner can further mitigate the risk of your phone number being exposed. By understanding these techniques, you can have better control over your caller identity and communication privacy.

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