How To Develop Your Soul Goals

Develop Your Soul Goals!

Sometimes when I talk to people about intentions they seem to interpret the purpose of the intentions as getting more stuff. Naturally, things are important but there is so much more to setting goals that I wish to share with you.

It is important that you have goals for new things.

Maybe your dream home by the sea…

Maybe a nice shiny car to move you in style…

or a new iPod to listen to your Goals Magic CDs it is good to set goals for new things, but not for things themselves, rather what they will do for you to get them.

But there is another kind of goal I want to challenge you to think about and start setting. It is the intention of the soul! Now that I know you are wondering… what are the goals of the soul and how do they apply to me and my life? Good question, so go with me and find out why you will soon be using them in your life.

The goals of the soul are those goals that are greater than you! They are goals that affect other people and the world around you. These are the goals you set your heart and soul on without expecting anything in return. The purpose of the soul is to give life to its love, purpose, and meaning! Think of Martin Luther King Jnr… his whole life was devoted to the pursuit of the goals of his soul! He finally gave his life for the purposes of his soul. It takes a strong goal and a strong man to give your life.

What about Mother Theresa? He zealously pursued his own spiritual goals to care for those who were not empowered to do so. Now I do not suggest that you will want to pursue great goals that have a great impact on the world around you… rather, that you look inside yourself and find something you are interested in giving to the world.

Why do you feel the urge to do something about it? For what reason can you see yourself adding value to it? What community, national or international projects are you calling for and meeting with you? We all need soul goals that we can put into our hearts, minds, and souls. We all need to feel connected to something bigger than us. It is natural for our souls to want to give without expecting anything in return.

As you search for the goals of your soul now, open your mind and heart with unlimited opportunities to match your unique abilities, intelligence, specialized knowledge, empathy, assets, contacts, networks, ingenuity, and ingenuity. As you read these words with the knowledge of what you know about your amazing uncanny power you can find a way to use them in some way to your great benefit.

Seek your spiritual goals! Set your soul goals! Share your soul goals! Pursue your spiritual goals! Grow your soul goals! Encourage others to embrace the goals of the soul! Here’s a great idea… of all the five goals I’ve set for myself I have one sole goal to help you! The soul motive pays off your debt of gratitude for the good luck you have so you can pursue your own or business goals.

So add a little soul to your goals!

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