How To Create An Online Modelling Profile

Top Tips on How to Create an Online Modelling Profile

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Attractive modelling profile.

This article is written for any type of model: extra size models, different models, fashion models, top models, etc. Today having a portfolio of physical modelling is necessary, but also creating your own online modelling profiles is necessary to improve your chances of finding. selected for modelling activities. The main idea is to guide you on how to create a complete online modelling profile. These ideas apply to all available websites that give models the opportunity to upload their photos, videos and information. Please check and understand the tips I give you on how to create that great profile that will attract the attention of clients, photographers and agencies.

This step-by-step guide will explain how to create a model portfolio, going through a variety of steps, from choosing the right template to showing off your full range of skills:

1-Only good quality pictures, please.

The first thing customers, photographers and agencies evaluate when they see a model profile is the quality of the photos. If they notice the quality of the original photos is below average, they will not only continue to look at your entire profile and you will miss out on modelling jobs. Forget about sending pictures you take with your smartphone, often the quality of these is in the middle to the worst. If you have a good camera or perhaps a relative or friend, do not think twice about using it. Photos taken during the day and in your natural view are very easy to take. Try to keep it as simple as possible, so the empty background will do the job.

2-Your face should be shown.

Forget about taking pictures while wearing sunglasses or where your face is not visible. If clients or agencies can’t see your face, they won’t consider you. What you can do to take a picture while looking at the camera.

3-You have not taken any pictures.

Clients and agencies do not take the photos you take seriously, so avoid them. You can apply these to your social media account but not to online modelling profiles.

4-No group photos, please.

Group shooting is confusing, think about it, it’s hard when you see a group photo and try to identify a stranger. Put yourself in the shoes of a client, he will not just know who you are, that way he will dump you. Just try to upload your photos and especially those that look very professional.

5-Night pictures.

Night photos are not suitable for online modelling profiles because it is obvious: that it is not easy to see exactly what you will look like in a photo. The reason is that the light is too low, thus you will lose important aspects of the images. Sunlight and lighting the studio is the way to go.


This is considered an industry standard. Agents and photographers use them to analyse your appearance without makeup. Take this blank wall as a background, and do the so-called “middle face” in the modelling industry.

7-Instagram profile and connectivity.

Connecting your Instagram with your profile is a great idea. It shows the daily life of the model. Everyone enjoys testing models on Instagram, this is the way of the industry, so make sure you use it.

 Once you have created your profile, you can start uploading your portfolio!

 You can upload your portfolio to any device with internet access. If you are looking to get into the modelling industry, I would recommend that you get a good camera and other good lighting equipment. Make sure you keep your portfolio up to date.

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