How To Be Smart,

What is the hardest thing to do to become smart?

Intelligent people find it difficult to find a mate, unfortunately, this is a thing that is repeated in many cases of people who have above-average intelligence.
I’ve concluded that people I consider highly intelligent have a hard time finding a romantic partner, and if they find just one, the relationship doesn’t last long.
I’m a very thoughtful person, and after much thinking and meditating on the topic of why I try to find things out, I’ve come to the following conclusion:
An intelligent person finds it difficult to talk about topics they don’t find interesting, it’s more impossible for them to start a casual chat, so when it comes to meeting people it’s difficult because you’re just asking a question. Can’t start a conversation with As in:
“Do you think the Flynn effect, in which humans get smarter as the years go by, is true?”
Because the safest thing is that the person receives a strange look and silence, the wise will not or will not want this:
“What’s the best coffee shop around here?”
“What are your hobbies?”
Or so you ask.
Intelligent people find it difficult to find a mate because it is difficult for them to find friends with similar tastes and interests, thus reducing their chances of finding friends.
However, it seems a bit arrogant, or people with high intelligence usually have envy or fear, so it takes a group of people who are not bothered or jealous of intelligence, something that is very difficult in society nowadays.
For these reasons, I believe that a wise man lives alone (though he should not)

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