How To APPLY The Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Classics Practical Mental Influence Attraction Between Minds Ww Atkinson.

The ether in which the space is filled carries these Wave Thought-round waves, and the surface of the earth, especially in densely populated areas, is filled with these waves.

These waves, which control the vibrations of the brain, converge, tend to align composites in one direction, or reduce the other side. That is, if a combination of two waves of the same type is combined there may be a compound formed between them as between two chemical compounds that are in contact with each other. In this way the “attitude” of places, cities, houses, etc. It was built.

On the other hand, if the opposing vibration currents meet, there will be a conflict between the two, in which each will lose proportion to its weakness, and the result will be the neutrality of both or other combinations to have a moderate vibration.

For example, when two mental forces meet, one is the idea of ​​Love and the other is Hate, they will weaken the power when they are equal, or if one is stronger than the other, it will continue but much of its power will be taken away. Had it not been for this debilitating effect we would have been very sensitive to deviant thoughts. Nature protects us in this way, and it also provides us with a measure of physical strength.

And yet we are affected by these waves to some degree unless we learn to discard them with knowledge of the laws and their enforcement practices. We all know how big waves of emotions spread in a city, city, or country, flooding people into their balance.

Big waves of political zeal, or Spirits of war, or prejudice or opposition to certain people, or groups of people, sweep places and cause men to act in a way that they will later regret when they come to them and consider their actions in the cold blood.

Demagogues will distract them or magnetic leaders who wish to get their votes or support; and they will be led to acts of mob violence, or similar atrocities, by allowing these captions to “contagious” thought. On the other hand, we all know how big waves of religious sentiment sweep through society in a time of great joy or great “zeal”.

The effect of these Wave Thought-Waves, in terms of the intensity of induction, actually depends largely on the physical properties of the thought power or feeling expressed in the mind that sends them.

Most people add a little energy to mental expression, but here and there you will find a thoughtful thinker who is actually a “living stream” and who has the strongest influence on the minds of other contact waves.

But similarly, it follows that several people who think along the same lines will generate a tremendous amount of energy by combining their thinking currents into larger streams of mental energy.

Then there is the other side of the coin that should not be forgotten, and that is the inner attraction when one draws the Wave of Thinking to others whose thoughts conform to his own.

The opposite is true, for there is a twist between people’s minds and the Wave of Thinking of others whose thoughts are not in harmony with theirs. The opposite is true because there is a twist between the minds of people and the Wave-Thought of others who oppose their ideas.

To quote a well-dressed and well-used expression to illustrate this fact, “Like the Attraction of the Like,” and “The Birds of a Feather come together.” Someone once worked on this amazing law of Attraction and Restoration of Mind- People allow their thoughts to continue in certain lines and allow emotions to be expressed in certain ways, drawing on themselves the Waves of Thinking and the mental influences of others are more important than the same key.

And they likewise repel the waves and the influence of the opposing nature. This is an important fact to remember in one’s daily life. Good attracts Good and criticizes Evil. Evil attracts Evil and drives away Good. The dominant attitude works to attract the same influences and to drive away from the opposition. So pay close attention to the nature and nature of your thoughts – cultivate what you like and suppress what you don’t like. Indeed, “just as a man in his heart puts his ideas into words, so he does.”

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