How Dreams Come True

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I have always been a dreamer, I have never swam to the same place as most of my friends; such an idea.

Dreams come  true

How Dreams Come True – Do you have a Plan?

As I got older, it became harder and harder for me to stop dreaming. It was not a straightforward way to speak, but much to the point of “we all have to grow up at some point and become adults”. For me, that meant I had to swim down the river like everyone else and I think I agreed and started walking and flowing. But, back in my mind was this consuming thought. This chewing gum, almost always thinking I don’t get along very well. I don’t do what I know I should and want to do!

As adults, it is very difficult to break with the “called” habit and pursue your dreams! We begin to have jobs, families, relationships, and everything that comes with being an adult. So dreams become a faint memory. The moment you make the mistake of saying anything that sounds far away like the word “Dream” comes out of your mouth and everyone breaks into “conformist” mode and reminds you that you are an adult and adults are not dreamers!

So, how does one follow their dreams? Even better, how does an adult pursue his or her dreams? I’ve found that you have to be willing to go against the flow; you have to be willing to swim up the river. To pursue one’s dream requires taking risks.

Create a plan, and have someone with similar goals, plans, and ideas. Try to work with someone who is successful in the same thing you want to do or achieve and get him or her to review your plan.

Make all the kinks and adjust your plan.

Update your system, and start uninstalling it.

Stay focused. It is easy to become distracted or to get in the way of bad habits and thoughts.

Be patient and surround yourself with like-minded people to build a supportive community.

Be prepared for failure and learn from your failures.

Never, never give up!

This is something I talk to a lot of people about when they start talking to me about their dreams but, they are scared because they are not sure if they will succeed. It is said that the richest places in the world are not located in South Africa’s diamond mines or in the oil fields of the Middle East but in local cemeteries! Of course, local cemeteries! You see, many people will die without knowing who they are, without fulfilling their dreams and goals!

How Dreams Come True – Obstacles And Failures Are Not The Ends

People will go to their graves with unpublished books, never heard songs, inventions, remedies, movements, and leaders who will never share with us! There is one question I often ask people and I will ask you; IS YOUR LIFE A GREAT STORY THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN? Many people like to learn about people who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, who endured unbearable hardships in order to overcome obstacles and become valuable people. A man who had the courage to dream and achieve his dreams; a person who was told he could not do it, they would never succeed and in spite of all their difficulties, they succeeded!

My question to you is; why do you think you will never be that person? We can easily change their name to yours, we can easily put your difficulties and obstacles in their place. What makes your situation different from theirs? We are thrilled and encouraged when we read or hear of ordinary people who perform miracles because of the way they struggle in order to achieve their dreams, but for some reason, we cannot see ourselves doing such things. Why not? Why not? We spend a lot of time looking down on who we are and what we can do – to talk to ourselves about not achieving our dreams before anyone else does.

How Dreams Come True – Are You Strong Enough?

Well, are you there? Are you strong enough to break free from negative speech, are you strong enough to let go of other people who do not see you as better and who want to keep you in a state of dissatisfaction? Are you strong enough to break free from self-destructive habits and practices that end

up in the same cycle of failure and defeat?

Unfortunately, I have found that many people are not willing to try because they have tried before but failed or think that trial and failure are proof that they will not succeed. Al Hollingsworth tells a story about a bear that eats a lot of berries until one day it smells something and the bear will check where the smell comes from. However, the bear arrives at the camp and there is beef roasting in the pan; the bear begins to eat the beef before the broadcaster shoots it from behind.

You know, that bear started running!

He did not die but days later he was in pain and did not know what had really happened to him. A few weeks later as he eats berries; he caught the breath of something very fragrant and very familiar, smelled the beef and followed the scent, and headed for another camp. The bear took a few steps toward the big smelly foot that was cooking and stopped; he remembered what had happened the last time he went to look for a stake. He remembered the sound behind him, the sound of gunfire but, he also remembered the taste of that stew! What to choose? Steak or berries? Ask yourself, ‘Are you strong enough?

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