How Does Writing Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever considered writing? Or did you try to write?


If you have ever tried writing, we are sure you have experienced some change.

Those who have never tried it before should give it a chance as it is really beneficial to the health of your mind.

People who are constantly feeling alone or isolated from others find comfort in writing about their feelings and emotions.

Many of you are unaware of its benefits. We have convincing reasons and certainly, after reading those reasons, you will see a broader perspective on writing. You will get a clear picture of how it affects your brain in an amazing way.

1. Writing improves your memory 

Have you made a list of things to do?

Or do you know anyone who has made a list of things to do before?

If so, ask the person about its benefits. Although they make a list of things to do, they do not have to see it again. Because when they list all the functions, it is registered in their brain. Even if they have forgotten something, in order to remember that thing they have to look at the to-do list they have prepared.

There are many benefits to having a to-do list. There is a temporary lobe in your brain, as soon as you write down something, it starts. The cells of that moment are burning and allow you to remember what you are writing down.

Your brain focuses more on what you write than on what you write in your memory book.

Your to-do list helps you to better plan your various activities. You feel like you have control and all your work-related worries will fly away.

2. Your writing visual perception improves

It is not uncommon for the human brain to associate everything with an image. Even with the letters we write, our brain adapts to different situations. Improving the look helps you a lot over time.

When you write something, you strengthen your visual log. Your brain processes information as soon as your brain log is activated. Your literacy skills help you create a beautiful visual log of your brain.

3. Making a journal improves your whole life with writing

Many times we think about things, we face an adrenaline rush, but we fail to explain it. Emotions of anger are as perplexing as anything else. We fail to understand how we release all the toxic thoughts that create space in our brains.

The best way to stop all the poison is to start writing. This practice will give you great relief. Your emotions will be under your control. Soon, you will find that your emotions are still the same.

Journalism is a way of life; it illuminates your path in all stages of life. You experience certain events in your life and the poison associated with that event enters your mind. Making a journal helps you to deal with stressful and painful thoughts more quickly. You can get additional benefits from writing. One of the amazing benefits is that your immune system is strengthened.

Making a journal activates the left side of the human brain associated with memory. Now, some of you should think about what the right side of the brain is associated with myth and creativity? Does he ignore you?

No, the right side of the brain is ignored here. It may surprise you, but it is true that when your left brain is activated, your right brain automatically wakes up and helps you think and energizes your brain.

  1. Writing makes you smarter

Writing transforms you from being smart to being very smart. Writing provides clarity in everything. Verbal communication is good, but it does not give that clarity to any topic in the way you write.

Before you get into writing about a particular topic, you need to grasp that topic. Your knowledge of that topic will come first if you decide to write about a particular topic. Before writing about a particular topic, you should first organize all the ideas related to that topic and then research that topic. Two things happen here, you get more information related to that topic and you include your thoughts about the process as well.

Writing enhances your vocabulary log that becomes part of your verbal communication. When we read something or write about something, we think of phrases and words that we can say in a few words.

  1. Go back to the Stone Age

Oh please! Don’t take it literally. Going back to the Stone Age is not about picking up a nail and starting to record words on a stone. You have to go back to a time when there was no tablet, no gadget and you used to rely solely on pen and paper.

Move your electrical gadgets, grab a pen and paper and start writing down your thoughts. Before that we want to ask you something, how many sketchbooks and pens do you have? If your answer is “Many” we can say you are addicted to writing (which seems to be a good thing), but if you say you don’t have stationery we can say you are bound all over your body. desert gadgets.

When you pick up a pen and start writing, your mind engages in this activity. First, hold up a pen (here using your movement skills) and try to remember the lines you want to write (make your memory stronger) and then begin to associate the word with the different pictures that form in the core. your mind (strengthen your visual log).

  1. Writing helps you to become better at writing

We all know that when we read, our brain works better and helps us write. We know little about the fact that writing down your thoughts and feelings can do much to enhance your writing skills.

Can you think of ideas that came to your mind when you were working on certain things? You forgot to write down those ideas and now it is very hard to remember them again. The best thing you can do in this situation is write down the points as soon as the idea comes to your mind. Let the wisdom flow, but do not forget to write down all the wonderful things because they are hard to find.

  1. It assists you in finding solutions

You feel frustrated when you cannot find a solution to a problem. This thing starts to grow and you feel angry about almost everything. It may sound strange because you have never tried it before, but it is true that writing can solve many problems.

If there is a problem you look at the details and try to come up with a solution. Nothing can help you more than writing. Just write down all your problems related to that topic and try to look at the details. Write down the things that are likely to come to your mind. If you have good data, solving that problem will not be a big task for you.

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