How do I keep safe from COVID-19?

Keep Safe Yourself From Covid

How do I keep safe from COVID-19:- It is very simple, just take the precautions of COVID 19. We have the power to control the virus and to prevent it from worsening and to save ourselves and the ones around us from COVID 19:

1.Wear your masks (even two masks is better)
2.Practice social distancing (six feet)
3.Avoid very crowded places
if you attend a party, it is not the end of the world because you are helping to save yourself and other 4.people (you need to sacrifice your joy and desire to be able to succeed.
the more people you are in contact with the more likely you are to be exposed to the virus
5.Get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms (just so you can prevent from spreading it if you have the virus)
6.If you get the virus then quarantine yourself so others do not contract it from you
7.Clean your hands (keep them sanitize),
8.Cover your sneeze and cough (please please)
9.Sanitize frequently touched objects
10.Encourage other people (your families, friends, relatives, neighbors) to take the precautions
11,Do not spread false myths or information regarding the virus or vaccine (you are misleading people)
12.Get the vaccine (it is efficient and will make your immune system stronger to the virus if you contracted it)
13.Educate yourself about the virus and about the vaccine (to learn more information and to be updated on any news
14.Pray for the ones who are infected and who are dying
15.Take the precautions seriously because the change starts from you and your simple actions can help save someone’s life and help improve the situation. Thank you and may these worsening situations improve soon. Take care and stay safe as always.

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