History of jalmahal(Water place)

Jal Mahal(The water place)

 Jal mahal could be a known historical palace settled within the middle of the Manasagar Lake in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. settled within the female internal reproductive organ of the Aravalli hills, this palace is additionally referred to as ‘Eye Ball’ as a result of it’s within the middle of the lake. it had been additionally referred to as the ‘romantic palace’

This palace settled on the Jaipur-Amer road, settled within the middle of the Mansagar lake, was engineered by Sawai Jai Singh once his Ashwamedha Yagya for bathing together with his queens and pandits. Before the development of this palace, Jai Singh made the Mansagar lake by constructing a dam on the physiological state watercourse for the facility of Jaipur. [2] it had been inbuilt in 1799. For this construction, the assistance of Hindoo vogue boats was taken. The king used this palace to pay special time together with his queen. They additionally used it at royal festivals.

Like medieval palaces, their area unit two-story and sq. buildings with arches, bastions, canopies, and diminution genes. The bastion’s chhatris at the four corners of its higher floor and therefore the Baradariya within the middle area unit supported marble columns.

This palace, close to the heart of a hot ragistan(desert), doesn’t feel hot as a result of several of its floor area unit engineered underneath the water. a gorgeous read of the mountain and lake may also be seen from this palace. The read of this palace within the water of the lake within the moonlight night is incredibly enticing.


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