Google Bookmarks Deleted September 30,

Google Bookmarks Deleted September 30, Will Not Affect Browser Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks will be permanently closed on September 30. An ad has been posted on the Google Bookmarks website stating that the service will no longer be supported by Google after the specified date. This service has not been used by many users since its launch in 2005. Significantly, Google also states that users’ browser bookmarks and starred places on Google Maps will not be affected by the closure of Google Bookmarks. These bookmarks can be saved unless needed.

Google Bookmarks service suspension was detected by Google and shared on Twitter. When you visit the booking website, Google displays the message “After September 30th, 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported.” It also states that users can save their bookmarks by clicking on “Export bookmarks.” Navigate here to see if you have saved bookmarks.

Google’s bookmarking service was significantly improved when it was launched in 2005. Provides a cloud storage service for users to store their bookmarks and descriptive features – notes and labels – to help search and organize data stored on a website. Additionally, there was also a JavaScript-enabled bookmark that allows users to save bookmarks quickly and easily from a browser.

If users find a ton of data on the Google Bookmarks website that they did not keep, it is possible that the data was stored in the Maps application. It is also possible that Google synced or may store Google Maps data on the website. Notably, only starred places from Google Maps are stored on the website.

And you should know that Map users’ data will not be lost as a Google spokesman has confirmed that “Google starred places are not going anywhere. All your starred places remain the same, and you will still be able to save places in the same list you always have.”

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