Germany vs England

Germany vs. England result, highlights & analysis from UEFA Nations League as landmark Kane strike steals point

Gareth Southgate’s side was looking to bounce back from a narrow 1-0 defeat against Hungary in their first League A match, with Group 3 against Hungary but their second-best against Germany at the Allianz Arena.

Germany vs England

Jonas Hofmann

Jonas Hofmann, who has previously tried to be offside, is holding onto Joshua Kimmich’s fine goal to break the deadlock in five minutes in the second half.

Jack Grealish’s introduction to the bench lifted England and, after removing Manuel Neuer, Kane won and converted a penalty two minutes from time to become the second Englishman in history to reach the 50th century with international goals behind Wayne Rooney.

Southgate went from a 3-4-3 formation that was criticized after the reverse in Budapest and returned to something close to the full power line. However, that meant England did not clash with England’s German players, and Hofmann and David Raum both did well in the first half.

Jamal Musiala in Germany vs England

Teenager Jamal Musiala’s encounter with Raum was particularly eye-catching as Germany repeatedly found joy in the bottom right of England and an unstoppable backline was released in the 23rd minute.

Hofmann jumped on Nico Schlotterbeck’s long ball and sent a cool pass past England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, but was flagged offside. That was not because of an effective offside trap after Kai Havertz dragged Harry Maguire to power and the English organization disbanded.

Bukuka Saka

Bukuka Saka came close twice during a long period of injury in the first half but Hofmann gave Germany the right goal in the 50th minute. Pickford got his hand on his strike and may feel he could have done better, though the damage was done by Havertz pulling Declan Rice from his place in England’s defense, and the excellent Kimmich able to make them pay.

England did not receive the same impetus until Grealish replaced Saka, and the Manchester City striker immediately offered a different threat to the left-wing. Neuer made an amazing save when Grealish found Kane with a low cross on the back pole.

Grealish also contributed to the attack when Schlotterbeck dropped Kane gently and, after a VAR review, the Three Lions captain did not give Neuer a chance from 12 yards out.

Is it possible for Jamal Musiala to play for England

Southgate has an envious collection of a few interesting talents, but after a difficult night sometimes at the Allianz Arena, he may destroy the fugitive.

Musiala played for England from U15 to U21 before making his international debut in his home country. Running to the left of the three German players, the 19-year-old was in the middle of a game where he caused the visitors a headache. Musial’s brilliant movement and brilliant prowess caught the eye, but he also played a key role in the German press, blocking England in the first half, and competing for a total of 15 teams.

Kimmich and Gundogan highlight England’s long-standing weaknesses

For the duration of the match, England struggled as they did in the Euro 2021 final against Italy, the Netherlands in the 2019 Nations Cup semi-finals, and the reverse semi-final of the 2018 World Cup against Croatia.

With all the talent and progress that can be clearly seen under Southgate, where the professional midfield player shows the nose and temperament needed to control the game, England is fighting for competition.

Kimmich and Gundogan were champions when it came to controlling the flow of the game. The Three Lions have many talented players, but they need one or two players with those special talents.

Should Jack Grealish start in England?

England had only 37.3 percent of the season, but the whole stadium changed with the arrival of the Greeks. In your face, this was a return to a footballer who was happy with his Aston Villa days, and all those things were there. But the ability to retain a place in the opposition has been evident during Pep Guardiola’s reorganization.

Grealish replaced Mason Mount in the 72nd minute and made 12 passes for the German side. Mount held only 10, while Grealish doubled Saka’s number to six in the final 80 minutes of the pitch. The 26-year-old immediately began to attack but was also instrumental in making sure they did not demolish.

Final points Germany vs. England













GER – Hofmann (Kimmich) – 50th min.

ENG – Kane (fine) – 88th min.

Germany vs England in the Nations League as it happens

Full time: No. It was a historic night for Harry Kane as England snatched its first point from its United Nations campaign. Germany has every right to feel injured in the full spectrum of play, but Jack Grealish’s introduction has given England a new dimension that their captors will never face successfully. Gareth Southgate’s boys are now heading home to Wolverhampton where they will face Italy and Hungary to end their season.

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