Five tricks you did not know you can do with WhatsApp

Five tricks you did not know you can do with WhatsApp Present in our lives, WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile applications Meta’s successful product offers a variety of features that go beyond chat and video calling. Below are some of the most useful ones.

Five tricks you did not know you can do with WhatsApp

Pin the chat to the top of the screen

We usually chat with certain family members, friends, or work colleagues more than others; these conversations lose their place as new messages arrive and eventually disappear. How can users avoid this? WhatsApp allows them to pin the chat to the top of the screen so that the conversation remains visible even if they get new messages.

The platform allows users to pin up to three conversations that will be displayed at the top of the mobile phone screen. To pin an individual or group chat, simply swipe from left to right and click “Pin”.

Use WhatsApp on your computer and smartwatch

Frequent WhatsApp users should know that it can be used on — and synced with — their computers and certain smartwatches. Meta has developed an application that allows people to use WhatsApp on both PC and Mac computers. This application works as a mirror: what happens in one place is replicated in another. In terms of security, chats and calls are end-to-end encrypted, just like on mobile phones. Users can activate their accounts using QR codes that must be verified from their mobile phones.

The same goes for smartwatches: while WhatsApp doesn’t officially support them, third-party apps allow users to quickly respond to messages without their mobile phones. iPhone users can use the WatchChat app (also activated by a QR code) to read and write new messages. Android users will only be able to interact with the messaging app through notifications that they can respond to by voice or keyboard.

Pixelate your photo before sending it

Privacy is always an important issue, especially when we talk about mobile phone applications. WhatsApp has announced a new feature that provides additional security: users can prevent “View Once” screenshots they send from being taken so that only recipients can see them before they are deleted.

When the message is not temporary, the best option is to pixelate photos and blur sensitive information (for example, photos of a child or cell phone and checking account numbers). Pixelating a photo on WhatsApp is easy. First, attach the image you want to send; once you do, buttons will appear at the top of the screen, including a pencil icon. Click on the pencil; then select the squares in the color bar that appears (since the button is very small, it may be a bit difficult at first). After activating the pixelate function, just use your fingers to “paint” anything you want to hide. And it is done.

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