Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo baby carrier worth or what? It depends only on the model you get! Here is my honest review of the Ergo baby Original (sometimes called the “old Ergo baby”) which is now (sadly!) discontinued by the manufacturer but still around (maybe they will resurrect the model at some point…?). This Ergo baby Original carrier review is NOT sponsored by Ergo baby in any way, shape, or form. I hope that sharing my experience with this carrier will help you in your search for the best carrier if you happen to come across it and wonder if it’s any good…

Ergo Baby Carrier

Review of the original Ergo baby carrier

Comfort level

Your baby has to be comfortable in the carrier, or forget about wearing it, right? The Ergo baby Original keeps babies (and toddlers and even post-toddlers… we’ll get to that…) super cozy and comfortable. I’ve always had a harder time getting kids out than putting them away. This is because the Ergo baby carrier is based on ergonomic baby wearing.

Ergonomic baby wearing mimics the way a baby is carried or held in one’s arms. It supports the most natural position for babies, which is relaxed and straddled hips (VS. crotch slung – the way standard carriers work).

For what it’s worth, I tried two other carriers before I got the Ergo baby Original, both of which were standard front carrier carriers. I wasn’t a fan of how my baby’s head bounced back and forth every time I moved or leaned forward in one of these carriers, and I can’t imagine this position being comfortable for babies. Your baby is comfortable, snug, and safely secured in an ergonomic carrier like the Ergo baby.

(Many brands sell ergonomic carriers today, but let’s just say that Ergo baby was one of the first companies to come up with the concept, so they had a head start on perfecting their carriers.)

This Ergo baby carrier is just as comfortable for the wearer: Ergo baby’s ergonomic design transfers your baby’s weight to your HIPS, not your back. Thanks to this, carrying children is comfortable – even for a long time. For added comfort, the shoulder straps and waist belt are padded and all straps are adjustable.

I’ve done a lot of hiking with the Ergo baby over the years in addition to everyday baby wearing. We love nature and never miss a good hike. However, tourism with children has its pitfalls. The Ergo baby Original was an absolute sanity saver – even on some of the more strenuous hikes we did with the kids, carrying the kids was no different than carrying a backpack full of supplies (even though I carried my kids when they were past toddler age!). It became a talking backpack, really, front or back… In case you were wondering… the cutoff age for us was around 5 years old. It was on an 8-mile fairly strenuous hike in Great Basin National Park that I came to the bittersweet realization that my kids were finally getting too old to babywear and it was time to retire our Ergo baby. But make no mistake

even though we were nearing the weight limit at that point, the carrier held up without a problem!

With such a generous weight range, there’s no need to switch to another carrier as your baby grows. The Ergo baby Original might just be the only carrier you’ll ever need!

Breastfeeding while carrying babies

One of the advantages of the Ergo baby Original carrier for me personally was the possibility of breastfeeding on the go! Before you know it, you’ll be walking around the store, waiting at the checkout or boarding a plane, AND breastfeeding your baby without a soul noticing!

Having previously tried two other carriers that were not made with breastfeeding in mind, being able to breastfeed my baby in a carrier was a total game changer for me.

Tips for breastfeeding in the Ergo baby Original:

If necessary, loosen the shoulder straps to lower the baby a little for breastfeeding. You can easily do this while carrying a baby.

For a sense of privacy and to limit the distraction of the nursing baby, clip the hood of the carrier. If you’re wearing the right nursing clothes that don’t require you to push your torso (nursing top, stretchy tank top, zip-up sweatshirt, or jacket as the last layer – over the carrier, etc.), no one will see anything.

Made of naturally breathable fabric

One of the things I loved about the Ergo baby Original was that this carrier was made of cotton. That was an important feature for me. Cotton is soft and breathable, pleasant to the touch, and does not retain odors.

The shell and lining of the Ergo baby Original are made of 100% cotton. Some Ergo baby Original carriers are made from organic cotton, which is known for being softer than regular cotton. The fabric is thick but soft (remember we have an organic version that can be a little softer than regular cotton).

Many Ergo baby carriers sold today are made of polyester. Personally, I’m not a fan of polyester in baby care – polyester is a synthetic fabric, doesn’t breathe well, and can contain various processing chemicals that can leach out of the fabric over time (though in all fairness, conventional and non-certified organic cotton isn’t immune to chemical leaching…).

The original function of Erg Baby carrier

Here are some of the other features that make the Ergo baby the best carrier for me:

Hood: incredibly useful when breastfeeding in public, as well as protecting your baby from the elements in general. The hood also helps to support the baby’s head while sleeping. The Ergo baby hood is light and breathable, yet thick enough to keep out the sun or light. (FYI: If you need to support your baby’s head while they sleep and the Ergo baby hood straps still seem too long at the shortest setting to provide functional head support, cross the hood straps and snap them on opposite sides. Another way to shorten the hood straps is to turn them several times before snapping them in place.)

Pockets: Ergo baby Original has 2 pockets. The larger pocket is a zipped pocket that is really impressively large for a baby carrier. This pocket can easily hold various personal items such as keys, wallets, tissue packs, and the like. (I wouldn’t recommend keeping a cell phone in a pocket this close to your baby’s head.) The smaller pocket is basically what holds the hood when not in use, but it can also hold small items (like a pacifier). The latter is an open pocket without a zipper.

Size: The Ergo baby Original folds down to an impressively compact size that easily fits in a diaper bag.

The Ergo baby Original ONLY offers an inward (facing in) front carry as opposed to an outward (facing out) front carry that some other Ergo baby models have, such as the 360 ​​All-Position Baby Carrier and the Omni 360 All Carry Positions. Some people assume that babies must be bored when only the wearer’s chest is facing them, but let me dispel this myth – not only can babies and do look around in the face-to-face wear position, their curiosity is fueled by the sense of security that, that he will snuggle up to you.

Front facing out (baby facing out) will also always be less comfortable due to the distribution of baby’s weight than wearing baby facing in (facing your chest), which will become more pronounced as baby grows. It’s just simple laws of physics. In my own anecdotal experience, I have never once missed the front-facing position while carrying my baby. In fact, I wouldn’t carry my kids like that even if I had the option.

Front carry is pretty easy with the Ergo baby. Strap in the front, flip the carrier so the buckle is in the back, baby on your breast, fasten the straps, adjust the straps, and boom, you’re good to go!

Carrying on the back

Ergo Baby Carrier

Your child must weigh at least 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg) to carry the Ergobaby Original.

Carrying on the back with the Ergo baby Original is wonderful for hiking or longer walks, especially when the children are older and heavier.

Carrying the Ergo baby on your back, although not difficult, should be practiced a few times at home unless you have someone with you to help you safely place the baby. It’s not difficult, but you’ll want to master it before using the carrier in public in this way.

There are several ways to deal with carrying the Ergo baby on your back. I find it’s easier to throw my babies directly on my back (while leaning forward a bit) than starting on my side and flipping the carrier and baby onto my back as Ergo baby recommends. But then again, I didn’t start wearing backs until much later, which basically made throwing backs a lot easier. (A soft, raised surface (couch, bed, etc.) is ideal for practicing putting/retrieving the baby on the back.)

Ergo baby carrier Side carry

The weight limit for carrying the Ergo baby Original on the side is the same as for carrying on the back – the child must weigh at least 7.8 kg.

Honestly, I can’t speak for the side (hip) position because I haven’t really used it. I tried it a few times, but carrying some extra weight on one side of my body just wasn’t for me. it didn’t feel right. I always felt unbalanced so for me, it was either front or back.

Can you sit while wearing the Ergo baby?

Absolutely! And that is so helpful! If for some reason you don’t place the carrier too low on your easy cleaning

According to Ergo baby, spot cleaning is recommended, but the Ergo baby Original is machine washable. However, I would not recommend excessive washing, at least not with bright colors.

I have washed ours several times over the years and noticed that the color started to fade a little after each wash. It’s not a big deal by any means as it only affects the aesthetics of the product, I guess it’s just something to keep in mind. In addition, the Ergo baby Original holds up well if you throw it in the washing machine once in a while, which every busy mom will surely appreciate.

Wash cold (heat if necessary) and dry.

Ergo Baby carrier DURABILITY

After 7 years of frequent use and after several washes, not a single buckle or piece of rubber has broken on the carrier, the fabric has no tears or torn appearances. It’s clear that this carrier was built to last!

Does the Ergobaby Original have any negatives?

To be honest, I had to think HARD about what I didn’t like about the carrier. Really hard. I would get really hot using the carrier in high temps (say 88+°F). But that comes with the territory of baby wearing and isn’t the fault of the fabric or design of the carrier. The air temperature is hot, and you have another human being on you that generates heat, do the math, right? (For the record, Ergo baby does offer a carrier made of mesh, which might be more suitable for someone living in a warmer climate. Maybe. I haven’t tried that.)

The Ergo baby Original generally does not come with a carrying or storage bag (although some models do). However, there is a simple fix – store the carrier in a lightweight bag, which you then place in the carrier’s zipped pocket when in use.

Final thoughts on this Ergo baby carrier 

The Ergo baby Original is a versatile helper and a great choice for all kinds of everyday tasks and outdoor adventures for any mom who wants to wear her baby.

I found the carrier to be practical and easy to use. MY ONLY REGRET is that I didn’t buy the Ergo baby right away and wasted my time and money on other carriers that didn’t even come close to this one!!!ps, you can still sit while carrying your baby. There is no need to adjust any straps to get the baby to sit up. Just make sure your baby isn’t squeezed or pinched by the carrier when you’re sitting up and down.

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