Do you know wonderful Interesting Things of the World?

Interesting Things of the World,

1- Let’s start with amazing things with sweetness.” We all have eaten rasgulla a lot, but do you know that rasgulla was invented in Bengal and the name of the creator of it was Nabin Chandra Das. That is why it is called Sweets of Bengal. In Bengal, rasgulla is also called khiramohan.
2- If we talk about eating something salty, then we hear the name of pizza, water comes in the mouth. If you have pizza in front of you, then in how long you can make it clean. Calvin Medina of the Philippines ate 12 pizzas in just 23.62 seconds.
3- You must be listening to the song. You know, your heartbeat changes according to the song.
4- Friends, a very strange thing in North Korea, you cannot watch TV channels of your choice, but you can watch the same TV channel that the government wants to show you and if you oppose it then you are fascinated Can also be punished.
5- Beer was not considered an alcoholic drink in Russia. From 2011 onwards, it has been rated as an alcoholic drink from soft drinks.
6- Do you know that A, B. C, D are not used in spelling from 1 to 99.
7- The English word IM is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
8- You know Chinese people don’t know what they eat, but do you know that in the name of food, 40 lakh cats are eaten every year in China.
9- More than 200 crore people feed on their regular diet by eating insects.
10 – In Indonesia, a tribesman does not perform the last rites of his family even after he dies, but keeps him as a member of the house for many years. She considers him ill. Serves them. Gives food daily. Whenever someone comes into the house, he asks about his condition with this dead body. This is a very strange practice but has been going on here for centuries.
11- The hat is not present at the time of birth when the infant falls, it develops from the age of 2 to 6 years.
12- According to research, if the more a person sleeps in a cold place, the more likely he is to have dreams.
13- The child of a man is not able to test salt sugar till the age of four months
14- You must have used headphones. Did you know that just 1 hour of use of headphones increases 700 times the batteries in your ear?
15- McCallan Single Malt” is the world’s most expensive Scotch whiskey. It’s one bottle that costs 29 lakh rupees. The world’s most expensive beer brewing is the Antarctic nail all. Its one point costs around 1.2 lakh.
16- An earthworm eats food of equal weight to his body in a day.
17- Quickly answering a foolish question with a taunt is a healthy mind.
18- If our body is deficient in 1% water, we feel thirsty. And if this deficiency increases by 10% then we die.
19 – Do you know that an ant can lift 50 times its weight. And if its size is equal to that of a man, then she can run 2 times faster than the speed of the car.
20- A religious festival is celebrated every year in Japan called the Naked Festival. Most of the men wear Japanese nappies ie Fundoshi and white socks.
21- Do you know 90% of the people write things that they cannot say in the message
22- Do you know that chocolate is the most consumed in the world in Switzerland. Here every person eats chocolate at an average of 10 kg in a year.
23- The shortest war in history happened between Zanzibar and England in 1896 in which Zanzibar surrendered in 38 minutes.
24- A normal person spends more than 30% of his time every day imagining.
25- According to research, people who are born in November suffer more stress and depression than others.
26- The smallest bone in our body is the ear.
27- The heart of a human being can throw blood up to a height of 30 feet.
28- 18 to 33 years old people live in the most tension.
29- Most of the big creatures inside the water eat the small organism and many more eat up their children.
30- A survey has shown that women blink more often than men. You blink so many times in a day that it is equivalent to closing your eyes for half an hour.
31- First the cashless system started in Sweden and then started to be used all over the world.
32- Adult people are also adopted in Japan so that they can run a family business.
33- Do you know the eye of an ostrich is bigger than his brain and a kick of an ostrich can kill a lion too.
34- Hans is always in pairs. If one of them dies, the chances of the other’s death are greatly increased.
35- Most men are 7% lower than the average if they are with a wife or girlfriend.
36- If you think that you will hold your breath and die, it cannot happen.
37- If you look at every website even for 1 minute, then it will take you 31,000 years to see the entire websites of the world and this time keeps increasing every day.
38- Honey is the only natural substance that never spoils.
39-Traffic jams are common, but in 2010, there was a 100-km long traffic jam in Shanghai, China. The jam lasted for 12 days.
40- Even if the rate jumps from the 5 story building, it will not get hurt.
41- Like humans, dogs and cats can be left hand.
42- A day on the planet Venus is larger than a year on Earth.
43- A butterfly’s heart beats 500 times in 1 minute while a lizard’s heart beats 1000 times.
44- Cyanide is considered to be the most dangerous poison in the world but even more dangerous than you know is poison polonium. The amount of 1 gram of polonium is enough to kill 5 crore people.
45 If you want to charge the phone quickly, then put it in airplane mode and charge it. This will charge your phone much faster.
46- All the stars in the sky are of different colors, but we see only one color. Which looks like a color due to a change in temperature. However, all appear in different colors from the spectroscope.
47- In France, a dead man can also be married provided the living person proves that the dead person also loved him and wanted to marry.
48- The whole life creates so much saliva in our mouth that 2 swimming pools can be filled with comfort.
49- A man laughs about 5 thousand 479 times in a year.
50- Have you ever noticed that except for Europe, the names of all continents from the world end with the letter A of the English.
51- France is a country where there are no mosquitoes.
52- The blood of a crab is colorless and after getting the oxygen it turns blue.
53- 5 parts of our brain work together while laughing.
54- Letter E is most commonly used when writing English.
55- You must know that the fingerprints of each person are different, but do you know that the marks of the tongue (tongue) are also different
56- According to Albert Einstein, when we look at the stars at night, they are not stars but somewhere else. We see the light of millions of light-years left by him.
57- The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.
58- There is a restaurant in Taiwan, where the incoming customer is served food on a stand made of toilet shape.
59- Iceland is the happiest nation. The only country that does not have an army.
60- According to experts, if a person chews more nails, it means that he is very upset or he is having thoughts of turmoil.
61- Giraffe’s tongue is the longest. He cleans his ears with his 21-inch long tongue.
62- You’d be surprised to know that a cat became mayor in Talkeetna in the state of Alaska, USA, for a full 15 years.
63- Every organ grows from birth to age, but the eyes remain the same from birth to death.
64- After 10 minutes of birth, the brain develops so much in the child that it understands from which side the voice is coming.
65- In 1986, 1746 people lost their lives in just one minute due to the leak of carbon gas in Cameroon in 1986.
66- Even after crying for 6 months from birth, the baby does not get tears in his eyes.
67- A chemical comes out of the dead ant which causes the other ants to know that it is dead. If this chemical falls on a live ant, then other ants consider it dead and pick it up and remove it, considering it dead as well.
68- In Derasar village in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, India, the husband marries another woman as soon as the woman becomes pregnant. Interestingly, even before getting married, the girl also knows that one day her husband will get married to another. People have been following this custom for many years.
69- We all know that smoking reduces lifespan, but do you know that if you quit smoking even at the age of 60, your age can increase.
70- Enzymes that help the digestion process start eating our body only after three days of our death.
71- In Taiwan, notes are also burnt with a dead person so that the person in heaven has no problem. However, counterfeit notes are burnt by buying from the market instead of real ones.
72- The scorpion can live for 6 days by holding its breath.
73- Even a drop of alcohol can drive a scorpion crazy. It can also die.
74- Viagra flowers dry faster than normal flowers i.e. they are full of freshness for a week.

75- “50 million people around the world are drunk all the time.
76- People in Italy consider wearing red underwear lucky on New Year.
77- A total of 5000 languages ​​and dialects are spoken around the world.
78- There is also an interesting thing that the dictator German ruler Hitler, who used to fear all the people, was afraid of cats.
79- The expiry date written on any water bottle is not about spoilage of water, but spoilage of that bottle.
80- Cockroaches can live several weeks without ahead.
81- Kites are unable to fly during an earthquake.
82- Ants sleep only 16 minutes a day.
83- A camel has three eyelids in which he protects himself from the sand in the desert.
84- Bees have 5 eyes on their body.
85- You must have heard that elephant teeth are more valuable than gold, but have you heard that elephant has the good identity of people. An elephant never forgets its friend and foe.
86- According to psychology, if a person gets angry and angry at small things, then it means that there is a lack of love in his life.
87- It is a bit surprising but warm colors like yellow, saffron, and red increase appetite. That is why some restaurants are painted yellow, saffron, and red.
88- If a person washes hands repeatedly or counts money, again and again, he is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.
89- Antidiphobina is a disease in which a person is afraid. The person who has this disease always feels that someone is watching it.
90- Only 2 percent of people in the world have green eyes.
91- If you do not wear clothes at night, that is, you sleep without clothes, then you have strange dreams, which thrill you.
92- You know Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, but do you know that even after spending 1 million dollars every day, it will take him 218 years to spend all his money.
93- If dogs eat chocolate, they become ill and can even die.
94- The cat is the only animal with urine that glows in the dark.
95- In ancient Egypt, a cat slayer was punished.
96- Asu comes into our eye due to sine-potential-S-oxide while cutting an onion, but do you know that if chewing gum is chewed while cutting an onion, in the eyes, as does not come at all.
97- Irrigation with hot water makes the crop grow bigger quickly.
98- It starts affecting your brain within 6 minutes of drinking alcohol because chocolate contains theobromine which is dangerous for its heart and digestive system.
99- Many people are not very happy because they are afraid that something very bad will happen to them the next moment.
Do not eat pan masala containing pipermant or pipermant should be eaten immediately or before drinking cooldrink. Piperment and cold drinks make cyanite which is similar to poison.
100- Guerlain Kisskiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick are considered the world’s most expensive lipsticks. It consists of 15 shades. The cost of this one lip shade is Rs 40 lakhs.
101 – The milk color of the hippopotamus is pink.
102- Blue whale drains in and out of as much as 2000 balloons in a mother-in-law.
103- If you sleep while thinking, then the mind also thinks in sleep, so that you do not feel relaxed and feel tired after waking up.
104- Fingernails grow 4 times faster than foot nails.
105- The 100 most wealthy men in the world earn so much in a year that the poverty of the world can be eliminated 4 times.

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