Do You know The Specialty Of Berries?

 Importance Of Berries Wood,

If you retain a thick piece of berries during a cistern, there’s no algae or green moss within the tank and therefore the water doesn’t rot. The tank doesn’t need to be cleaned for an extended time.

A specialty of berries is that their wood doesn’t rot in water for an extended time. thanks to this quality of berries, it’s used extensively in making boats. The lower surface of the stem which is usually in water would be of berries wood. is.

In the village countryside, when the well is excavated, the wood of berries is employed in its foothills, which is named Jamot. Nowadays people have started using berries in making houses.

The bark of berries is employed in respiration, sore throats, bleeding, and ulcers.

Nizamuddin Bawdi in Mehrauli, Delhi has recently been renovated. Even after 700 years, the fountain of water has not stopped thanks to silt or other obstructions. Indian Archaeological head K.N. consistent with Srivastava, the unique thing about this stepwell is that even today there’s an entire wooden plate on which this stepwell was built. consistent with Srivastava, berries were used as a base within the bottom of most wells and step wells in North India.

Jamun wood was also utilized in this stepwell, which isn’t a street even after 700 years. While cleaning the stepwell, fine details were also taken care of. Even while removing water for cleaning, special care was taken to make sure that not one fish died. Fishes weighing quite 10 kg also are present during this stepwell.

The water of those springs remains very sweet and pure. such a lot in order that Ratish Nanda related to its conservation work says that the water of those springs remains so pure that you simply can drink it directly. Local people believe that this water helps in many diseases of the stomach.

Jamun wood may be a good toothbrush.

Jalasunga (such a genius who discovers the source of groundwater) also uses berries to smell water.

1. it’s recommended to drink water during a glass made from its wood.

2. The wood is extremely weak, albeit it’s too thick, it can separate weight, so care should be taken while climbing on the berries.

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