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communication and writing skills-One part of communication that should be one of the most valuable skills our society has lost in this generation is the responsibility of communicating in writing. Some people refer to writing as art. Maybe that’s why people no longer like to write: art belongs to artists. I call it a bond. That is for everyone. Yet writing is not popular today.

More and more people are talking about important things orally, some of which should be put in writing. And I’m not talking about the messaging activities that fill our world today. That’s another topic.

I remember explaining the ongoing problem to the manager who did not listen carefully; he confirmed this by never coming up with remedial measures.

 communication and writing skills

describe your ability to communicate orally and in writing

So, I passed the problem on my writing. I found out later that he thought my writing the memo was because I could not express myself verbally! It was not so. I wanted the issue to be recorded in a concrete way and I wanted it to be accepted (listened to) without interruption or misunderstanding. Achieved the intended results! Problem solved.

Literally, we try to talk about the happy or sad times in our lives, but we get distracted before we finish sharing. Worse yet, we are not given a chance to start. In writing, the whole idea may be presented in order to be read and digested before a response is given. Even when no one is reading, writing brings a sense of accomplishment, even peace of mind. 

The written form can also be stored on file to encourage another generation …

I was reading a story some time ago when a man found a drawer full of old letters one day that he had kept. They were letters of encouragement from several people who had influenced his life. One of the writers was his father.

He continues to talk about his ability to communicate by writing near the peak of his many qualities. You have read these books over and over again and count them as valuable assets that will never be forgotten.

He explained that his own children were now old enough to read and appreciate a letter from their father and that he planned to continue the family tradition by writing letters of encouragement.

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 communication and writing skills

The same rules we apply to communication apply here, except that the forum in which communication is made of paper. In a letter or memo, Sender means what you mean on the page; The recipient finds it on the page again. The recipient then, hopefully, writes his response to another page to be read (received) by the original Sender, and so on.

In my business classes, I often offered to the Board of Education, “how to write letters” was one of the most common requests I received from participants. I used to start this section by asking the class to write a book, without an order. We decide on a variety of situations for each student to choose from which could be a business book or another topic.

It is amazing how many people are immediately shocked. They just didn’t want to do it; they did not know where to start, how to go about it, what to say or do. Consistently, most of the students distributed miscellaneous literature in the form of salaries, paragraphs, body sentences, and closing remarks. Eventually, they were constantly asking for more assignments in the classroom.

Let’s look at some of the basics. 

First, like verbal communication, it is easier to get better. Always know the person or audience you are talking to. Write down how you would approach that person. Have your goal clearly in mind. Divide it into 1. Altar, 2. Opening phase. 3. Body sentences or paragraphs. 4. Closing. 5. Edit.

Writing is one of the most effective and complete ways to communicate. Many times I wrote a letter or memo directly because I could not make a point orally. Or I knew that something was going to get out of my mind which would cost me a lot of time – or money. So I wrote it down.

Someone called me one day to answer a letter I had sent that raised a number of issues. He apologized for the call explaining that he could not write and preferred to hang up the phone. I had an acquaintance from abroad who even sent me a tape and asked me if I could use that instead of writing. No wonder, then, that when he writes, although he is the president of an academic organization, his books are full of errors and omissions (obviously he is running slow, as most of us do today, and he does not have a secretary!). The point is that people do not like to write and prefer to communicate by cassette or telephone.

There is no substitute for a written communication method. 

Unfortunately, with all the technologies that work in this community, we have lost a lot of communication and writing skills. Remember the old saying that making is perfect? If we do not do it, we will not be able to do it. “Use it or throw it away” as they say. Remember the old multiplication tables and the modern calculator?

The internet is bringing back some of the writing in our lives – more and more people are using it and its technology is a written form! But, there is a lot of discussion going on right now about how this forum once again shows a gross lack of grammar skills, especially in emails where there are so many mistakes! That’s usually because people don’t give themselves time to plan. But, again, people have not learned the basics of writing.

We have to take our lost responsibility for communication and writing skill.

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