happiness day 2022

World Happiness Day 2022

World Happiness Day 2022: History, significance, theme, and quotes On the 20th of March, every year the world celebrates World Happiness Day. The day is even more important than it was today as the world goes through a lot of emotional turmoil already with recent unprecedented events such as epidemics, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and much …

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Most Haunted Places In India,

Top 15 Popular(Haunted)  Places in India,  ASI authorizes tropical areas in India 1. Bhangarh Fort in Alwar: The strangeness of Bhangarh Fort is evident in the fact that the Archaeological Society of the Indian Republic has issued a warning to visitors inside the castle tower at sunset. It is, therefore, not surprising that this castle …

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History Of Udaipur The Lack City

History of Udaipur  Udaipur is a town and a visitor vacation spot in Rajasthan that is well-known for its history, lifestyle, and its charming sites. It is additionally recognized as Venice of the East. Rajput, Bhil, Meena, and many different castes live in Udaipur. The early records of Udaipur are related to the Sisodia dynasty. …

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History of Rampuria Haveli Bikaner

Rampuria Haveli  Bikaner is considered a part of the most wonderful and prosperous urban communities of Rajasthan. Regarding the travel industry, this city is remembered as the fundamental attraction of India. Taking a gander at the pages of history, it is realized that the historical backdrop of this city is related to the hour of …

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Lalgarh palace Bikaner

Lalgarh Palace  Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner within the Indian state of Rajasthan, built for Sir Ganga Singh, Maharaja of Bikaner, between 1902 and 1926. Laxmi Niwas Palace may be a part of Lalgarh Palace.  History  The palace was built between 1902 and 1926 within the Indo-Saracenic style. The building was commissioned by the British-controlled regency …

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