Bubble wrap: 17 completely unexpected ways to use

Bubble wrap outside of the packaging. From preventing the pain of long car rides to supporting young saplings, the uses for bubble wrap seem endless. If you’re looking for more innovative uses for household items, here are 26 genius ways to use cotton balls that have nothing to do with nail polish.

bubble wrap

Keep frozen food in the refrigerator

For food purchases, i.e., in the summer, keep some bubble wrap in the trunk of your car to wrap frozen foods so they don’t freeze on the way home. Even the ice cream stays solid with an insulating layer of bubbles around it. Here’s how to avoid germs while shopping, according to Consumer Reports.

Prevent wrinkled pants

Keep unwanted creases from appearing on pants you hang in your closet by wrapping the hangers in bubble wrap. Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around the hanging rod, making sure the smooth side of the wrap is toward the pants and the bubble is toward the rod. Keep the wrap in place with tape.

Let the kids run wild

Little kids love nothing better than to move, shake and make lots of noise. Make all their wishes come true: Have a bubble wrap dance party. Tape several sheets of bubble wrap together until you have a large square or rectangle, making sure the bubbles are facing up (so the dancers pop them when they boogie). You may want to tape the dance floor to your floor so it doesn’t move with the dancers. Freeze dancing is especially fun on bubble wrap. Don’t miss these other easy DIY crafts you can make at home with your kids for even more fun.

Help your shoes last longer

Place a small piece of rolled-up bubble wrap inside each shoe to keep it in shape, and roll up the longer pieces so that the calves of your shoes stand upright. Here are 10 small steps to keep your shoe odor free.

Avoid pain during long car rides

Make it dreamy by covering the seat and back with a double layer of bubble wrap (bubbles facing out). The bubble wrap will support your body and give you a comfortable long-distance ride. Don’t miss out on these household items you didn’t know were reusable.

Take that camping

Next time you go camping, take a two-meter piece of bubble wrap with you. Place it under your sleeping bag before going to bed. The bubble wrap will provide a cushion for your body and act as a sheet to keep your sleeping bag dry. If you’re new to camping, make sure you know these 13 camping mistakes most beginners make.

Support young saplings

Whether you’re mowing the lawn or your lawnmower is mowing for you, you’ll want to protect small, fragile saplings and tree seedlings. How? Wrap their thin stems in bubble wrap. When the lawn is finished, the bubble wrap is easy to remove.

Keep your kennel cozy

Bubble wrap is a safe, non-toxic option for kennel insulation to keep your pooch toasty in the winter. And unlike fiberglass, if your pet gnaws on it, they’ll be surprised when the bubble pops! Before you let your dog out, be sure to clear your yard of these shockingly common pet hazards.

Get ready for a picnic

Are you going to have a picnic? Wrap things you want to keep cold—cans of soft drinks, egg salad sandwiches, popsicles, and so on—in bubble wrap. Your picnic will be much tastier when you reach your destination. Check out these other extraordinary uses for household staples you already own.

Keep tools in good condition

You can save your tools from each other and from the toolbox by lining the toolbox with bubble wrap. Hold the packaging in place with tape. Padding will help your tools last longer.

Rest up

Pillows and camping don’t mix unless you make a bubble wrap pillow. Simply fold the bubble wrap several times and insert it into the pillowcase. The bubble wrap will not get dirty and provide a soft cushion for your head. If you’re looking for a portable option, here are 13 travel pillows experts swear by.

Keep your fridge clean

Measure and cut pieces of bubble wrap to perfectly line the manufactured drawers and serve as an insert to keep the space clean. This will also add extra insulation to keep the products cool and prevent them from blistering. When the packaging gets too dirty, just replace it without having to clean the fridge. Don’t miss these secret uses for common kitchen gadgets.

Avoid scratching dishes

When dishes, pots, and pans are stacked, they are easily scratched when you are constantly pulling them in and out of cabinets. This affects the functionality and lifespan of the products. Use squares of bubble wrap to place between dishes to create a barrier to limit scratches. If you’re looking for a new recipe, try one of these 35 Recipes You Should Know Before You’re 35.

Eliminate window drafts

Instead of buying plastic window coverings for the winter months, attach bubble wrap to your windows with double-sided tape to save money on your heating bill. Don’t miss these home repairs that anyone can do.

Protect furniture from dust

If you are going on an extended vacation or just storing some additional pieces of furniture in the basement, prevent dust accumulation by covering the furniture with bubble wrap. When you’re preparing your home for the holidays, here are 10 places you’re not 

Curl your hair

Cut and roll small pieces of bubble wrap into tubes to wrap around your hair. Skip the heat products and speed up your morning routine with these DIY rollers. When you’re styling your hair, know the 12 hairstyle mistakes that will age your face.

Create a countdown calendar

If you have little ones nagging you on the last day of school or wondering out loud how many days until vacation, make your own bubble wrap countdown calendar. Cut out the exact number of bubbles and attach them to the cardboard, popping one bubble for each day that passes.

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