Best Way To Make Someone Smile

7 Different Ways to Make a Smile someone

If you want to see a smile on someone’s face?

Maybe you made their day a little brighter? It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money on your part. In fact, many things can be done as part of your normal routine and cost less or less. You never know how many people will be encouraged by your kindness because smiles are contagious. Try one or more of these 7 ways today with a smile on your face.

1. Write an encouraging note to others who have encouraged you or need encouragement. Handwritten notes given to encourage, not just thank someone for a gift, are rare. That makes handwriting notes even more special. Start a new habit of sitting down and writing down an encouraging note regularly. Don’t just start the epidemic!

2. Take your friend to lunch or invite him or her to your home for a meal. You will get to know each other better than ever. If you feel like doing more, throw a party to several of your friends and smile a lot.

3. Offer a letter of encouragement to someone. You will feel good about it, reading a book will change a person, and they will always think of you when they read it.

4. Ask a friend or relative if you can take care of their children (s) day or evening. If you have ever been a parent, you know how important it is to be able to spend a few hours in “adult time” without worrying about children. Do not wait to be asked to care for children when needed. Offer to do it at a time when the parent can do something fun and relaxing.

5. Deliver food to someone you know is sick or having a difficult time. We’ve all been sick and we know that the last thing you want to do is get out of bed. There are also times when life is hard and it is difficult to do all the daily activities. You can really help by providing food that you can enjoy.

6. Time to dedicate yourself to supporting your church or local charity. Every minute you give to the church or the organization’s site will cause many smiles. You will put a smile on each leader’s face for helping without being asked. And you will be putting a smile on the faces of those who have been helped by the organization.

7. Thank everyone for supporting you all day. The list of contacts is endless. Remember family and friends, secretaries, coworkers, teachers, Sunday teachers, teachers, store workers, housekeepers, gas station attendants, those who deliver your mail and newspaper, and servers at restaurants.

I know this is a list of 7 ways to put a smile on someone’s face, but there is another way to avoid it. It reveals a genuine smile to everyone you meet. You will see how easy it is to make others smile!.

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