Be Success In Life, Choose Natural Health As Your Career

Considering A Career In Natural Health

When checking for natural health work there are many options and many indicators. Often very interested students do not know where to start. The School of Natural Remedies says Р“Start by making a living for yourself РStart with the highest teachings РStart by experiencing the depth and depth of living Natural Medicine. So as your foundation, studying details, theory and skills are fun.

We also advise you to be careful in choosing a teacher, class, conference, or school and take the time to interact with the teacher personally before attending the lesson. Without personal communication how do you know if you will be communicating with a real teacher, not just a good facilitator or a high-level educator without knowledge? Do you wish to repeat your high school style or university education experience or do you want to find true learning with a mentor who will know you personally and support you and guide you in discovering your higher potential as a person, healer, teacher, and living example? If you ask a question you will get the answer!

At the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, under the direction of Naturopath and Director, Farida Sharan, students who found our good school was told that just as you want a true teacher, a true teacher wants a true student. If your dream is to become a therapist or naturopath, herbalist, iridologist, reflexologist, living nutritionist, essential oil consultant, flower essence specialist, health advisor or teacher, or just live a healthy lifestyle with friends and family, teachings at the highest level is the effort and challenge of living those teachings, being a living example and a true guide for others who seek the truth.

We are students of life and the very act of being a true student of a true teacher creates our best opportunity to live to the best of our ability. Consider the following and determine if you are ready to be a good student and work closely with a true teacher.

Are you a true student? Are you ready to receive the highest education?

The student, as well as the teacher, have often thought about what makes a good student. These qualities are what I look for when interviewing a potential student, as well as the qualities that I encourage and support during each student’s studies.

Instead of focusing only on knowledge, success, money, and prominence when it comes to making money in the art of healing, think of the qualities you need to develop in order to help others.

Wisdom, success, abundance, and respect will come to you naturally when you deserve it.

The flourishing of good qualities in knowledge allows for the formation of intelligence through experience.

OPINION – Make it clear that you are above yourself. Think about your big dream and live your life to make your dream come true.

PASSION – Hear your dream firmly so that you know you can overcome any resistance, obstacles, and challenges that hinder you.

TRUST – Know that step by step, little by little the causes you make every day will build the future you want. Know that you do not always know how things will turn out and trust the mystery.

COURAGE – Turn fear into creativity. Celebrate the danger by allowing vision, passion, and confidence to move you into action that will build your dream. Have the courage to be yourself.

Commitment – If you say, YES, I will do this and I am 100% committed to your study, the universe will support you. You transform the power within and outside of you to create your vision.

ENDURANCE – Day by day, keep going, whatever the ups and downs and changes. Make time. Ask for what you need. Do not give up, postpone study until the time is right, or make excuses.

COMMUNICATION – Share words and feelings, take the time to build relationships with teachers and your customers. Tell your truth, ask for what you need, and give thanks and appreciation. Your voice carries the vibration of your personality and sends it everywhere.

KINDNESS – Understand that no one is perfect, not you, not your family and friends, not your teacher, other students, or your customers. In this understanding, the need for judgment, suspicion, deception, competition, empathy, or resistance is released. Appreciatively, take what is offered in every relationship and turn everything into love.

CONFIDENCE – Know that you will succeed. Work on what you know, from your experience, your love, your knowledge, and your feelings. Know that you serve the world and live in every way and that your job is to live in love.

COMEDY – Get rid of the need for critical drama and open up the big picture, open to the cosmic jokes of our true nature – of not knowing where we came from and where we are going. With this in mind, we can be open to using our lives to the best of our ability.

HUMILITY – What should we be proud of? Pride separates the steps. Let’s go and let the divine play have beautiful music for your presence.

GRATITUDE – Thank you for each minute’s gifts and the understanding of accepting and respecting what is offered that fulfills your highest purpose, as well as the common sense of giving up what is not.

HONESTY – Be willing to open up your deepest feelings and live in that place, dispelling the fears that you believe you will not be loved for who you are.

ALLOWING – Like a falling child and rising again, allow your determination to change, grow, expand and become like the sunrise of each new day.

Consider these qualities.

You may want to add others to the list. Some of the symbols show off and add to each other. Think about the ones that are most natural to you and which ones are the most difficult. Make a conscious effort to improve your qualities.

The School of Natural Medicine offers more than just information. It supports and encourages you to be the best you can be – in all aspects of existence, so you can encourage others to join you in building a love garden on this planet earth.

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