A Brief story of wine And Thirst of Man

The History of Wine The History of the Thirst of Man

Throughout the talk, what wine-making technology will wine technology make? In the end, wine is nothing but the juice of the fruit. And rotten or boiled fruit juice there. The first evidence that wine production comes from archaeological sites in Iran and Russia in Georgia, from 6000 to 5000 B.C. (Before Christ). Wine has long been used as a safe alternative for the precious water of human consumption, as well as for its use in essential and important religious beliefs. Almost every culture and community group in the world somehow learned to make simple alcoholic beverages.

This is not just an accident. People early learn about the psychological effects of alcohol. Along the way, they learn to love the effect and seek and express these effects of alcohol. Wine is often regarded as a sexual anaphrodisiac among many cultures.

Today many important wine regions in Europe are proud of their wine history dating back to the early Roman period.

The wine itself can eventually be removed from any fruit juice even though it is widely known as a fermented grape juice. Wine can actually be derived from grapes, plums, peaches, pears, and finally most fruit juices.

What about the different colors of the wine? The color of the wine is a result of the length of time the skins remain and the juice makes the fermentation process. Basically, the wine comes in three colors – red (reddish-purple), white (light yellow to amber), and medium-sized: peach to light pink.

Should the wine be sweet or the bitter taste dry? Many wines are naturally dry. The sweetness occurs when fermentation is disrupted before all the sugar can be converted into alcohol during the fermentation process. The wine producer may also add unleavened grape juice or sweetened candy to the wine during the brewing process.

Many wines have no added alcohol to them. That is, they are in their natural state or virginity. These wines are referred to as not solid. That is, they contain only the alcohol supplied through the fermentation process itself. However, there are other wines for example Sherry And Port are two family wine products with their own alcohol content made and expanded. This can be done by working incorrectly and not by the usual fermentation process by adding alcohol directly to the wine. Kindness means adding alcohol to the wine to add to the sparkling wine made from the wine symbol in the wine.

Finally, the wine may burst itself or lose its effectiveness. The first stage is Sparkling with effervescence. These wines are packaged in heavy-duty bottles with welded pins to keep the pressure inside, while Yet, wines are bottled wines without Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and therefore have no sweetness or effervescence. However, wines can be found in bottles in regular bottles with standard caps.

Finally, while it is safe to remember that wine is nothing but a variety of fruit juices, with different colors offered to you in different types of glasses, from different types of storage containers provided to you to quench your thirst.


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