8 Remote Jobs Paying At least $ 20 An Hour

They come from big companies, too.

It may seem that everyone wants to work from home these days, and it is not surprising. After all, remote jobs allow you to save time and money while traveling. Additionally, they allow you to do all of that while working from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want).

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If remote work is your goal, there is no shortage of jobs available at any time. However, you may think that remote jobs should not be paid very well. On the contrary – many pay $ 20 an hour or more. Many companies have a shortage of staff to hold various roles, leading to them offering open remuneration for remote jobs. Although these services are constantly changing, we will provide a list of a few remote jobs that pay at least $ 20 per hour currently available.

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Early Career Client Success Associate, UnitedHealth Group

Payment range: $ 21.68 and up

This project from UnitedHealth Group is an entry-level position focused on helping people start their careers in health care. Requires bachelor’s degree and 3+ months of experience in sales, fundraising, and/or customer service information. Specific payment information is not provided in most states, but work shows that the payment range is $ 21.68 to $ 38.56 for Colorado residents and $ 23.94 to $ 42.40 for Connecticut / Nevada residents.

Coding / Reimbursement Specialist, UPMC Health Program

Payment range: $ 20 to $ 33.22

This job with the UPMC Health Program is a full-time job from home. Responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy of the application submission and ensuring a refund. The submission indicates that prior knowledge of the emergency department coding is required, although it only requires a high school diploma. Payment starts at $ 20 / hour.

View job posting on UPMC.

Hospital Coder, Banner Health

Payment range: $ 18.32 – $ 27.48 / hour

This distance away from Banner Health is another form of medical code that includes coding for diagnostic and procedural information related to medical procedures. It also includes quality assurance so that medical records comply with coding rules. Post payments start at $ 18.32 / hour but can be over $ 20 / hour depending on the information.

Remote Data Clerk / Customer Service Officer, General Recruitment Centre

Payment range: $ 26 – $ 27 / hour

The General Rental Centre employs data entry clerk/customer service posts in provinces across the country. The posting indicates that a 1-2 year experience is required, but the activities appear to be straightforward. This includes incorporating information into the accounting system and ensuring transparency and efficiency in all transactions

Contact Center Lead

Payment range: $ 28.82 to $ 39.87

As the term “lead” suggests, this position is more than a management role and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Communications Centre. You will also be responsible for achieving the department’s objectives and ensuring that all projects and work not related to telecommunications are completed in a timely manner. The position is remote and can be done anywhere on the U.S. continent.

Pharmacist (Half / Year), Tabula Rasa HealthCare

Payment range: $ 18.38 to $ 23.28 / hour

Tabula Rasa HealthCare employs temporary pharmacists to provide medication management services to patients and clients. It includes making outgoing cold calls that provide services to patients, as well as receiving incoming calls. Job submission indicates that a high school diploma is required, and a six-month experience is preferred.

Fraud Customer Service (Period), Discover

Payment range: $ 35.27 to $ 48.29 / hour

Discover has an exciting opportunity for agents of temporary fraud customer service. The position includes late processing and tracking of fraudulent case accounts. It also involves making outgoing calls to verify transactions, as well as processing cases of zero-dollar fraudulent losses. Work starts at $ 35.27 / hour and only requires a high school diploma / GED; nothing is said about the required experience.

Analyst II of Receivable Accounts, American Red Cross

Payment range: $ 28.84 to $ 30 / hour

Although “II” in this job title indicates that this position from the American Red Cross is not an entry-level, it does pay well. It requires four years ‘qualifications and three to five years’ experience. As an accountant analyst, you verify that authorized activities are included in the system. The post indicates that this is a home-based job position located anywhere within the U.S. continent.

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