Start a Blog in 20 mins Step by Step Guide for Beginners

If you have made up your mind to start a blog. Then you are at right the path.

This is a perfect “How to start a Blog” step by step Guide for Beginners to start their Blogging journey.

Before I start helping you to start your own blog. I suggest you think again and ask yourself.

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How to Start a Blog

As I already know, many people start their Blog for different reasons like to make their own personal diary, to write and promote their own business and products.

And the most important reason to start a blog is to make a passive online income from blogging. With Blogging, you can earn 7 figure income like Pat Flynn is doing using Affiliate Marketing on his Blog “Smart passive Income”

There are also many other ways to make money with blogging.

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But when it comes to making money, Blogging is no joke.

I will help you start a blog step by step in less than 20 mins. But to generate the income you have to do real hard work.


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Blogging needs patient, Research, and good content that people love to read. And I would love to help you to follow these steps after you start a blog.


Why you should learn from me?

Well, that’s a really good question that comes to everyone’s mind when they pay a visit to my blog. Because there are many other expert bloggers, whom can teach to start your first blog.

It’s simple because I am blogging from last 25 months on very different niches and learning by making mistakes. And applying proven methods, explained by experts from the blogging and marketing industry.

And I will share the same mistakes I made, problems I faced and how to overcome those hurdles to start and grow your blog.

If you’re in! Then let’s starting making your first blog.


How To Start a Blog in 2017 : Guide for Beginners

In this guide, I will show you how to start an affordable blog.

Starting a Blog needs lots of planning and research. There are 3 major components, and they play a very important role in starting a blog.

1. Selecting niche

2. Selecting Domain Name

3. Blogging Platform and Hosting


Selecting a Niche to Blog 

Selecting a niche - How to start a blog

Selecting a Niche to blog about, is the very first step to start a blog. Niche is a category, you would be writing about and sharing information on the internet.

You have to be very careful while selecting a niche. Because this where every blogger make a mistake when they first step into Blogosphere.

Because niche is the center of your Blogging. Everything revolves around it. Content you are going to write, your audience, and income revenue.

If you selected the right niche for you, then just think that you have already crossed 35% of Bloggers.

One mistake and your whole Blogging journey will be doomed before it’s kick-start.

I have enlisted some major factors that will help you to choose a perfect niche for your Blog.

  1. Know about your passion and talent – The very first thing for your niche is to know yourself. Think about your passion and talent. Learn about the things you’re good at. That you can share with your audience without a doubt.
  2. Target Audience –  What more important can be from your target audience. You have to brainstorm the internet to know if there is enough audience for a niche. People who are looking for information in your niche.
  3. Long-Term Perspective –  Blogging is a long-term perspective. You have to check if your niche has a good future scope. Is there enough content to write in future.
  4. Income Source – Last and the most important component of your niche search. Money is the most important and that’s every start a blog today. Income mostly depends on your niche. Things like, Is there enough advertisers for your niche topic, are their sponsor available, products, affiliate marketer in your blog category.

Select your blog niche by analyzing these points and you’re good to go to start a blog.


Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain name - How to start a blog


Choosing a Domain name is like naming your very new Business Identity. The only difference is that your domain name helps you to attract online communities to your blog/website.

Just like your niche selection, you also have to consider some important rules to get your perfect domain name. you can also read a full-length post on choosing a domain name.

The things you should consider :

1. Brandable

Your domain name should be brandable. It is the first thing that people see, before coming to your blog. More Energetic and Brandable it will be, more people would like to come to your blog

2. Keep Domain Name Short

Try to find the shortest domain with 5-10 characters. because short names are more brandable and easy to remember.

3. Keyword Research

Use a searchable keyword in your domain name, which gives you more priority to show your blog results on top pages of search engines. You can use LongtailPro Keyword Research tool to find the best suitable keyword for your Blog.

4. Use .com TLD

There are many TLD’s are available to use for your domain name like .ORG .NET and also based on a country like .us for the United States, .in for India and more.But I suggest  you use .com TLD extension as it is more friendly and widely used and adopted extension.

5. Use Prefix or Suffix

If your domain name in not available, then use your creative mind and make little changes using suffix or prefix without losing Perfect keyword.

And last the most important rule : stay away from domain names with trademarks and copyright. You can learn more about it here.

Choosing a Blogging Platform & Hosting


Choosing a Domain name - How to start a blog

On the web, There is many free and paid platforms are available for Blogging. What which is suitable for you is the major step for starting a blog.

There are mainly 18 biggest Blogging Platforms used on the web to create blogs.

You can go for Free platform Like Blogger,, Weebly and more. And the most used is WordPress.

The problem with the free platform is, that they won’t give you the full control of your Blog customization.

And if you’re want to do some serious Blogging and make real money, We suggest you go with a self-hosting blog with

Click here to know more about vs

Blogging Varsity also runs on WordPress with Self-hosting.

For a self-hosting blog,  you have to buy Hosting Service.

There are many hosting providers are available on the net like Bluehost, Inmotion, Siteground, Wpengine, Namecheap and much more.

But I suggest you go with Bluehost. Because they provide reliable and fast hosting service at affordable prices. You can even save more money when you buy it by this

I used Bluehost on every blog of mine, I worked on till now. You can also read my honest Bluehost Hosting Review to more about Bluehost and their services.

You can even save more money from Bluehost WordPress shared hosting with 70% Discount when you buy it by this Discounted Link.

I have also shared a 08 min video to help you setup your blog with Bluehost.

After following the steps, In next 20 mins, your WordPress Blog will be ready to get published.

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Final Words

This How to Start a Blog Guide will help you setup a basic Blog using a self-hosting service.

But It’s just the beginning, you got yourself a newborn baby blog.

But how you grow it actually depends on you.  Your actual Blogging journey starts when you first write a good quality of content and share it with your readers.

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If you have any doubt or query for the above guide please let me know in the comments. And Don’t forget to share it with your Family and Friends.

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