Bluehost Hosting Review 2017 [Expert Choice]

Everyone is looking for a hosting to fuel their new online businesses and blogs. And to make it easy for them, I am writing this honest Bluehost Hosting Review about my experience with Bluehost to help new bloggers get best affordable hosting.



Being WordPress user, I will mostly be talking about shared WordPress hosting and Optimized WordPress Hosting. And I will try to share every bit of information that you should know before you go for Bluehost Hosting.

(Disclaimer – This review contains Affiliate Link which generates commission with no extra cost to you which helps in running this blog)

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Let’s first talk a little bit about the Company and It’s services

Bluehost is one of the best web solutions services providers on the internet. It was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah and since then they are fueling  more than 2+ Million websites and blogs (Impressive!) on the internet with the help of their 750 members.

Bluehost is currently offering 5 types of hosting services –

  • Shared WordPress Hosting (About which I will tell you everything)
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting (I am gonna talk about this also)
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • And last Reseller Hosting

Bluehost Hosting Review

Well, now you know all about the company. Then let’s start with the Bluehost Hosting Review for which you really here.

WordPress Shared Hosting :

First of all, what shared hosting is? Shared hosting is a service in which Hosting provider use one server to serve pages for multiple websites with their own unique domain name. Well, you can get the clear view from the picture below.

Bluehost hosting review - WordPress shared hosting

Bluehost Shared Hosting is always recommended for new WordPress Blog. The pricing of Shared hosting Starts from 7.99$/Month 2.95$/Month if you buy from our Discount Link.

Free Domain and Email Service – With each Bluehost Shared Hosting account you will get a free domain and email service. You can also create subdomains from one domain if you’re running a multiple category Website. And you can use email service to create your own email address using your own domain name which makes your website and Blog more Brandable instead of using another service like Gmail.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Bluehost provides unlimited Bandwidth to their users for hassle-free user experience. According to with the latest study done by Bluehost, 99.5% of Bluehost customer have disk space and bandwidth more than their needs.

Bluehost hosting review - Unlimited Bandwidth

(Note: What Unlimited really Means in Bluehost Terms and Conditions – before you buy Bluehost hosting, I  suggest you read their TOS carefully. As they defined but unlimited hosting means and what does not. Mainly you can not use their Unlimited hosting to upload more than 200000 files in MySQL server and also cannot use it as data sharing or storage service. Which may lead to the violation of their TOS and which may cause suspending your account.)

Optimized WordPress Hosting

bluehost omptimized wordpress hosting

There is not much of a difference in shared WordPress hosting and Optimized WordPress hosting. The only difference is a server and speed of your websites which matters in your ranking in search engines and to get more readers.

In shared hosting server anyone can install and run any script and platform to run their blogs and websites. But Optimized WordPress hosting servers are mainly configured to run only WordPress blogs. And the no. of WordPress blogs from one server is less than shared hosting server.

If you’re a starter and you have fewer visitors and data storage you can go for shared hosting as it won’t affect your website loading speed. But if your blog is visited by more followers like 2000 visitors a day then I suggest you go with optimized WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost Hosting Review : Pro & Cons

Bluehost Hosting Review Expert Choice

Pricing (Pro)

This is the very first reason why I am recommending Bluehost in our Bluehost Hosting Review. Because pricing matters to everyone. Most of the if a person is looking for a service, he first goes to their pricing page to check, can he/she can afford it.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans

If you go the Bluehost’s pricing section, ou can see they are currently providing 3 types of Shared Hosting plans.And yes, Bluehost is very affordable in comparison of many other hosting providers. Currently, they are offering 3 types of plans according to customer needs.

Basic Plan – In basic plan, you will get to host only one website and will get 50Gb of storage which is quite much for anyone’s requirement. you will also get 5 email accounts and 25 subdomains to create multiple category websites from one domain or to create landing pages. Basic Plan is the best choice for anyone who new to blogging.

Plus Plan – In this plan, you will everything unlimited which you were getting in the starter. Like unlimited websites, unlimited sub domains and unlimited emails. Plus plan is always the best choice if you want to create more than one blog.

Prime Plan – If you SSL Security that is https: Service and also backup your site on a regular  basis you can go for it.

And as you can see Bluehost is very affordable in comparison of many other hosting providers. Currently, they are offering 70% Discount on their normal shared hosting account and you can grab it now.

Uptime & Speed – (Pro)

Currently, I am running my Blogging varsity blog on NameCheap hosting to check their reliability and support as they are also providing very affordable hosting. So I can’t show you Bluehost hosting Speedstatics of but I can tell you one thing I am using Bluehost from last 2 years and never faced  much of problem but sometimes they lack their customer support but for speed, I never faced any issue.Bluehost provides the good website speed and 95% Uptime status which is really good under their low pricing offer for starters.

On Pingdom most of the time my blog speed in near 1.2s faster than 84% sites which were quite good for me as a starter.

Easy to Use (Pro)

The Bluehost Cpanel is simpler and the easiest control panel I ever worked on. Installing WordPress is far easier than ever.You can install WordPress with one click and in a minute you can access your WordPress dashboard.You can access every bit of emotion like emails, domain, and servers at one page. Check below demo panel image

Bluehosting hosting cpanel demo


Customer Service (Cons)

As I am currently working with the Namecheap and their customer service is far better than Bluehost even Namecheap hosting only provides online chat hosting. That’s the only problem with Bluehost. You can get in touch with customer service team by online live chat, telephonic or email. The problem is Bluehost service team sometimes takes more than 30 min for a little problem.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee – 

Bluehost also provides anytime money back guarantee with conditions. You can cancel your product after 3 days of buying.

If you cancel your hosting before 30 days, you will get every bit of your payment back except if you purchased free domain fee(i.e. 15.99$). And also if you cancel after 30 days, then there are some other charges they will deduct. So I suggest you look into their terms of service to before selling after 30 days.


Wrapping up :-

In the end, Bluehost lacks benefit because of their customer support service which is the backbone of every business.But it only happens very rarely otherwise customer support team is really good like another service.

And still, I recommend Bluehost because they are affordable, fast and Easy to use for any new blogger.

Go To Bluehost

If you have any questions regarding Bluehost Hosting Review or any other hosting service you can ask in the comment section.

If you’re a Bluehost user, then leave a comment about service which will help new bloggers to know more about their services.


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