15 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Are you new to Blogging! or start a Blog for a while on WordPress. And looking for best WordPress plugins that can make your blog better for your readers.

Then you came at the right place.

Here I have created a list of “15 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers” and 10 out of these 15 Plugins are always installed on every WordPress Blog.

If it’s about increasing Subscribers, making better design, tweaking a little bit the template, Commenting system and more. You will get all those mandatory stuff right here in the list.

The Most important thing about these plugins is.

  • They are Fast and Light Weight
  • Do what they actually say What They do on your Blog
  • And always stay Updated with new features and Bug Fixes
  • You get the Full Support from the Developer Team
  • And the most Important most of them are FREE

So not taking much more time lets go see 15 best WordPress plugins, and what they do and how they are gonna rock your Blog.


15 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers [Expert Choice]


1. Akismet (Free)

AKismet Free Best WordPress Plugin for Comment Spam

Akismet is one of the most recommended plugins and it’s also an official Plugin by Automattic WordPress Parent company which is contributing in WordPress community from Jan 2014. As soon as you will launch your new blog, you will see

As soon you start publishing on your blog, you will see many spam comments that don’t make sense. Akismet is the very best Plugins to fight with these comments, remove them and make your blog safe for your readers and for you.

The very best thing about Akismet is that you can grab it for free or you can also make a contribution to help the developers to make it better.

2. Wordfence (Free)

wordfence free best wordpress plugin

Now that our blog is secure from spam thanks to Akismet. Now we have to make our blog more secure and safe using security plugins. And Wordfence comes very handily when it comes to security. It is the best security tool on WordPress, used by every pro blogger.

Wordfence creates a multi-level firewall layer on your blog to protect from getting hacked or compromised. It’ll block every common security threats like fake bots, malicious scans from hackers.

3. Sucuri (Paid)

sucuri best wordpress plgin for security

Sucuri is another high-level security level plugin used by top blogger authorities. Sometimes, Plugins like workforce even can’t handle the threat of high DDoS attacks. And to fight such malicious hacks sucuri is the best option available on the web. Also, read to know more about sucuri: How Sucuri Helped WpBeginner to Block 450,000 WordPress Attacks

4. TinyMCE (Free)

tinymce best wordpress plugin for editing

When you start to write a post, the inbuilt editor of WordPress won’t you gives you much of options to customize your content and for that, you need an additional plugin.

TinyMCE is  Advanced WYSIWYG HTML Editor which gives you more power to customize your blog post. TinyMCE has 15+ inbuilt plugins that let you extend and enhance the content. You can change the Font Family, Font size, or creating a list and also creating tables.

5. Simple Trackback Validation With Topsy Blocker (Free)

Using only Akismet won’t be enough to fight spams. On the internet, there are two types of spam that irritate us the most. First those, which are taken care of by Akismet and the second which gives a link back when they mention your post somewhere else on the web called Trackback. And Topsy Blocker does the trick here and check each trackback if they are genuine or not before getting them linked.

6. Wp-Optimize (Free)

wp-optimize best wordpress plugin to keep database clean

Wp-Optimize makes your blog faster and smoother by cleaning your database system. It scans your database and cleans it by removing the old revision posts, unapproved Spam comments and the other stuff lying in the trash. Which makes more space in your database and automatically make your blog to load faster.

7. Backup Buddy (Paid)

backup buddy best wordpress plugin for backup

If you are running a small, personal or business blog, we always suggest you or say recommend you to always set your back plan ready. In this case, Backup buddy is your best WordPress plugin to help you with all your backup needs.

Backup buddy keeps a backup of your Blog/ Website on regular basis according to your scheduled time on different remote location and cloud data storage services. After you setup your backup buddy, you don’t have to worry about any online vulnerability, you can upload your site up and running int two clicks.

8. SEO by Yoast (Free + Paid)

yoast best wordpress plugin for seo

Now we’re set with your content, security and backup plans. Next thing is to make your post search engine friendly to rank them faster and for that, we need an SEO plugin.If you don’t know much about SEO then click here to learn everything about SEO.

There numerous SEO plugins like All in One Seo, Seopressor, but Yoast is the best WordPress plugin used by every blogger. Currently, Yoast is active on more than +1 million Blogs. These numbers can tell you how useful is Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO for WordPress gives you all the SEO related option that needs for your blog to rank no. 1 in Search Engines. You can perform on-page and off page Optimization. In a recent update, yoast has enabled an option to give you the best keyword to choose for your blog post according to the density of keywords and readability. You can download Yoast SEO for free from WordPress or you can also opt for premium version start from 69$ which helps you to get support from Yoast Team.

9. Google XML sitemap (Free)

Sitemap alone is the most important aspect of your blog to get indexed in Search engines. Sitemap helps the search engine bots to crawl and index your blog and Google XML sitemap helps you in creating a sitemap that search engine loves. Google XML sitemap gives you the power to select which post, page, category, tag or media you want to index and show them publicly.

The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. And the most important benefit of this plugin is, it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.

NOTE: Yoast SEO plugin also offers inbuilt sitemap option if you’re using it then don’t use the Google XML Sitemap. if you activate both the plugins, Yoast plugin will give you a notification to turn off one.

10. W3 Total Cache (Free)

w3 total cache best wordpress plugin for caching

Site speed also plays a vital role in your Blog ranking. W3 Total Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins to helps you to increase blogging speed and optimize by caching your Blog. I will compress all the Js. CSS files and other downloadable content and minify it. It will also help you setup a CDN service like CloudFlare and Maxcdn for your static files like Pictures.

10A. WP-Rocket (Paid) : Best WordPress Plugin

wp rocket best wordpress plugin for caching

The cache plugin is an important tool for a blog to increase their WordPress speed. As I already told you about how important is W3 Total cache. But still, if you can pay some bucks to make you blog more reliable, Faster with any hustle of Settings. then I suggest you go with WP-Rocket. Customization and Setting are so easy in Wp-rocket So anyone can set up in few clicks and that’s why it’s our Best WordPress Plugin for Caching.

11. Contact Form 7 (Free)

Without a “Contact us” Page Blog isn’t really a Blog. If you want your reader to engage with you personally then contact form is must installed on your Blog. Contact Form 7 is the best WordPress plugin because it’s FREE, sleek, simple and you just need to put a simple code in the widget where you want to display it.

12. Google Analytics Dashboard (Free)

Want to see, how your blog is doing. How many readers are returning? How may Unique Visit you get and much more states to identify your audience? And for all this, you need a Google Analytics Account where you can sign up and setup your blog and your goals. But if you want to see all those stats directly on your blog then you have to install Google Analytics Dashboard plugin. It is not an important to install it is just make more easy to see how your blog is doing.

13. Optin Monster (Paid)

optin monster best wordpress plugin for subscribers

Email marketing is the most important tool today to grab new leads and subscribers for business. If you won’t use this tool you will lose many visitors those are interested in your product.

There are many best WordPress plugins and Optin Monster is one of them. It’s a lead generation tool which helps you create catchy slogans and designs to grab the attention of your visitors and convert them into your subscribers. Setup of Optin monster is easy and you can create unlimited templates. And the most important thing is you can control different pages, a different action for each template. You can set the categories to Pop-up templates which will appear only on post defined under that category.

14. Shareaholic (Free)

shareaholic best wordpress plugin for social share

After creating your first blog post, you want your readers to share them with the community on social networks. And to do so you need to give them the option to share.

Shareaholic is a best WordPress plugins to make your readers share your content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Shareaholic is absolutely free, you will have many options to customize the social Where you want your content to be shared and how it should appear on your blog posts.

14A. Social Warfare (Paid)

social warfare best wordpress plugin for advance social sharing

If you need a more social share options, Responsive designs, better analytics and if your can spend a little money then Social Warfare (Affiliate Link).  you can make a defined a Pinterest Description and add images to make it unique when shared on Pinterest. you can quotable tweet box inside the box and much more you can’t imagine. Why not you check yourself.


15. Clef (Free)

clef best wordpress plugin for login security

And my very last recommendation is Clef. it’s free and its up to you to install it or not. But we did installed it to secure our WordPress login to protect from brute force and spam login attempts. You can also check at the very end of our blog “WordPress Login Protected by Clef“. Clef works with two-factor new technology in which your mobile clef app scans a custom wave and gives you secure login. If you have a team of blogger you can also set and define their logins with clef.


Finally wrapping up:

Well in the about list of “15 Best WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger” I have mentioned every important Plugin for starting a new blog also running a smooth and safe blogging journey.

Don’t forget Bookmark this post And Subscribe us as I will keep updating this post with future plugins and updates I receive to make it more useful for every blogger.

If there is any plugin that I missed to include and you think is important for Bloggers. Please feel free to mention that in the comment section. I always love to share new content with bloggers.

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