Welcome to Blogging! As from niche, you may already understand  about Blogging Varsity. Below we have tailored everything you need to know why and how Blogging Varsity Started

With Blogging Varsity our very Aim is to take Bloggers to the Next Level of Blogging by sharing step by step guides, tutorials, case studies and expert advice. By Next Level means, to teach how you can earn your living with your Blogs.

Means We focus on the “pro” side of blogging – either blogging to support your business or building a blog with the aim of making money.

Even if you’re New to Blogging or an Expert, We will always have something up our sleeve to share with you through Blogging Varsity.

Blogging Varsity Founder : Harinder Paul

img_20130403_122155-1-1Hello, Bloggers, I’m Harinder Paul (Harry) Thank you for sparing your time to know About Blogging Varsity. I am 26 Years Old Passionate Blogger, Affiliate Marketer.

I am working in this Blogging World from last 5 years. it took me that much time to learn about many things about Blogging but not everything. Because in Blogging you always learn something from your Mentors, Readers and the Most Mr. Google.

What Makes to Start Blogging

Going 5 Years Back, I first read blogs on google for collecting information. I was doing my Diploma in Mechanical Engg (Surprised!) I was Collection information from Google guru to learn.

After my diploma, I joined for Graduation. I belong to a medium family and it was very hard for me to afford my college fee. So, I always looking for a way to make money. I joined part time in stores.

And one day I was surfing Google and Eventually something struck on my Head. (Likewise Apple on Newton’s Head 🙂

Then I searched for ways to make online and I found a post of Lifehack Blog about ways to make money Online in which they mentioned about blogging and how to start it free with Blogspot.com And after that, I started Blogging. I faced many Up and Downs, Even I stopped in between, Losing Hope. But my needs letting me keep this going on. And today I am known much about Blogging and it makes me a good living.

Why Blogging Next ?

During My journey, I made nearly 8 Blogs and all they were about technology. I worked on them earned a little bit and sell them Directly or using Flippa. But after researching that more People Like me are Interested in Making Money to make their Lives better. And many Blogger sharing tips with them to let them start their journey.

So, I thought why not I start a blog to help you guys to make a better Living with my blog.

And that’s it, here Comes!

Blogging Varsity – the Next step to your Blogging Journey

Finally, I Would like to Thank all of our readers and friends to love my blog. Hope you continue your support to BN as without you guys me and BN are incomplete. I really appreciate you all for the efforts you pour to the growth of BN.

And Lastly, If you need Help regarding Blogging. Don’t Hesitate to Email me.

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Happy Blogging, Stay Connected!